The difference between a SISSY and a girlfriend !

The meme I recently wrote about with that lovely sexy cock had a bit on this!

And it gave me the idea to write about it to you.

It said something like the below.

“Your girlfriend wants a diamond ring, engagement/committment, and kids”.

“But your sissy slut just wants to worship that cock and empty your balls!”

And the meme was SO RIGHT!

And women deserve it all – don’t get me wrong.

The girlfriend was RIGHT.

But thats why sissies are there, to worship cock like every man – REAL MAN – wants his worshipped!

To be sucked, licked, caressed, the head smooched ….

.. all after worshiping his asshole like his girl never would!

A sissy would GLADLY lick his rosebud all day long, beg to do so, and thank him for the privelege!

A sissy would NEVER look at his cum in disgust like the ladies of the night in Sin City Diaries looked at me! 😉 (of course, women might not for real men, but some do! ;)).

A sissy would never have the problem of “his girlfriend doesnt want to suck his cock!”

A sissy would do allthat, and the housework, cleaning, polishing his shoes and hers, cleaning up after sex, buying their drinks, waiting on them hand and foot …

And more!

Would a regular girlfriend or boyfriend do that always?

Well, I dont know – but a sissy would, and she’d do it more!


A real man should have a sissy and a girlfriend – both. 😉

And a real woman should have a sissy and a real man – both! 😉

Sissies have a role in life, and it’s best they accept it, because thats thei rjob – and destiny and who they are.

Might as well get comfortable with it, boy!

On that note, be sure and pick up the Sissy Reader – you’ll TRULY begin to appreciate the joys of true sissydom once you read whats inside.

Never seen before info – be sure to grab it NOW – the one and only DEFINITIVE course on sissydom!

(too “hot” and raunchy for Amazon, so you can just imagine … ;))


Mike Watson

PS – Also, be sure and grab Cuck Central right here this one the standard, GOLD standard, pun not intended, hehe, for ANY wannabe, budding or REAL current cuckold!

PS – I spoke about potentially worshipping Rueben in that last email, and hence this one. 😉

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