Slave conditioning – part TWO!

Dear Reader,

My dreams – and thoughts are for whatever reason becoming more and more vivid these days – not just in terms of femdom, and those lovely Chinese ladies I refer to so often, but also with regard to life in general.

And ever since I wrote that last post on Slave Conditioning – Part One – I’ve been thinking about a tall, lissom, leggy Chinese Goddess who oft appears in my dreams, but is without a face – as yet!

They say your gut feelings and reactions with regard to such things are often the best and often spot on – and Madam Winsen, her of the “because she’s goddamned awesome!” post is the one that springs to mind first off.

Of course, she’s not the only one – it’s Chinese ladies in general, and their feet  – that spring to mind – and they do so not just throughout the day when I’m thinking  – but also as the LAST thoughts (amongst a few others) when I go to bed at night.

I’ve often been a huge, huge believer in the fact that your FIRST thoughts of the day INSTANTLY upon waking up (without conscious thought) are what dictate how the rest of your day pans out – and I’ve been proven right on numerous occasions in this regard. 

But what I haven’t spoken about a lot though is this – your LAST thoughts before you go to bed are also often the first thoughts that spring to mind when you wake up – and while you sleep – and dream – THESE are the thoughts your subconscious is working upon.

THOSE are the vibes it’s sending out – – all over the planet – – to be picked up by the recipient with the strongest “like minded” vibes!

At her feet. Pressing Princess – or Madam – or Goddess – whatever she prefers –  Winsen’s feet!

At her beck and call.

Pressing her feet all night long – literally – and then serving her breakfast, and kneeling by her attentively as she eats, looking on laughingly at the “cute little thing” beside her!

Buying her what she needs – nay, WANTS!

Knowing that she’ll have other men – galore – and knowing that my place is at her feet, her ass – and her armpits – and to worship these parts better than they ever have been! 😉

And whether it’s this lovely lady I eventually do end up serving – – or whether it’s another – – the TIP bears repeating – – that being, if you’re truly interested in amplifying that submissive vibe – then THINK about it not just all day – but before going to bed and instantly upon arising.

Make it a part of your goals – as I have.

TELL yourself with passion and FEELING that you’re going to be worshipping the Goddess of your dreams – and that you will be dominated by the right lady – and that it will happen – SOON!

The subconscious only acts upon thoughts with FEELING behind them, my friend – but truth be told, it shouldn’t be too hard to import emotion into your thoughts in this regard if you’re a true male submissive.

Do this every night and daily upon rising in the morning – and report back on the results.

I bet you’ll be astounded – and I bet you’ll experience results WAY beyond your expectations too!


Mike Watson

P.S. – You’ll notice that I spoke about addressing her as she prefers up there. That, my friend is yet another tip – and another area where most men FAIL when it comes to getting the Dominant lady of their dreams. Address her as she TRULY prefers to be addresses – as opposed to how you want to – and chances are she’ll levitate to how you want it to happen if you do this right!

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