Charan lagu, Memsahib . . . JI!!

Well, any true femdom fan that has been following yours truly for a while is well versed with the “Paye Lagu, Madam Ji” chant (indeed it turned into that! ?) that the gorgeous and ONE AND ONLY Ms. Priyanka taught me! ?

Amongst other things, of course to wait on her hand and FOOT . . . and more, but for now . . .

MY SO is wearing a long flowing skirt today.

She’s had lunch and I have NOT. I ‘[ll probably eat hours later!

And she’s sleeping or napping right about with two soles visible.

Her skirt is hiked up to mid calf, showing that lovely expanse of skin (much like Perfect Goddess Pooja JI does so often!) and the FOOT.

And . . . most importantly, that SOLE!

That lovely, sexy SOLE! Staring right at me, as it were, and if there is ONE thing I want to do now, it is to DROP down and worship her.

It is to have those soles in front of me, both of them, as I massage her feet with the MOST EXPENSIVE foot lotion I can buy!

It is to BEG her to take (even more) control of my bank account than she already has, and transfer money to her with my head buried, deep, deep inside my ass!

And most of all, you know what would turn me on?

It is if she said what she did a few days ago during a “fight” (something I wrote about in the last few emails).

“You can’t fuck me well, boy! Your dick might as well be useless, and not THERE!”

And she’s right!

I’ve often said my sissy conditioning for one (and really, it should be YOURS too) has taught me to say and feel and THINK At the deepest levels of my being that my dick truly is useless other than for release, and I don’t mean orgasm, not a real man orgasm.

Just a release so I cango back to being honry and serving her!

And I want to hear about other men screwing her – and pleasuring her as she likes in the different sex positions she SO ENJOYS, and I want to hear about while licking her for hours!

And then of course, pressing her feet, and calves, and giving her money. For some reason, I feel SO TURNED on by giving her money when in an embarrassing and humiliating position!

She has perfect feet and more that, perfect SOLES!

And no, Iwould NOT touch my dick or even my nipples while pressing her feet.

YES, I’d probably “ejaculate” anyway, so turned on am I, so and so turned on do ruined orgasms make me all day long!

And I’d lick it up later too as she sneered at me!

I’m off fo now as I think about what else I’d do now, and I’ll write to you later about it! For now, if your SO is doing just this, go for it, and start pressing her feet, sending her money and proclaiming her TRUE DOMINANCE (well deserved at that!) over you, boy!

It will be SO WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

PS – I love femdom so much. Is it any wonder my books are as popular as they are? As they say, when you truly write from the HEART . . . And HERE is where you can check out my collection of femdom books which you really DO NEED TO GRAB – NOW . . . BOY! ?

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