Mona Joote Madegi Ter Ko . . . BOY!

Oh boy.

I’ve written about Madam Mona before and how she won’t let you sleep more than three hours a night, boy!

And for those that don’t remember, it’s probably on the blog. Use the search feature and you’ll find it, but in brief, my S.O. works with her, and she’s technically the “boss” at the enterprise where my SO does part time work.

And . . . she often sends my S.O. gifts for her hard work.

OF course, it’s easier to send gifts and probably more economical too than dispensing cash, hehe. ? She’s nothing but not smart, boy!

But still, it’s a nice gesture in this day and age and these tough times (or so called tough times) . . . and as my S.O. opened the latest gift, we saw it was one of those Chinese knock offs of Canon.

. . . it was actually a coffee mug, and what do I mean by a knock off of Canon?

Well, the Chinese often copy brand names and then put them on just about anything.

So this was a camera shaped “coffee mug” with “Canim” written on it as opposed to Canon, but I must admit with the shape and everything I missed the “im” . . . initially!

They’re nothing if not smart copiers at times, hehe.

I could tell you all about the Chinese version of KFC (which used to be a joke for yours truly back in the day and I’d call it JFC – long story!) where the eyes might be different in Col Saunders picture, but everything else just the same.

It’s not for nothing the entire world knows the PRC as Copy Central. But that ain’t the point here is it.

As Mona “darling” (we often joke about Madam that way, but I’m glad she hasn’t heard ME do it, as she’d no doubt smack me  and no, my SO wouldn’t help – – she’d likely JOIN IN!).

As she once told me.

Boy, if you cheat, I won’t do anything to the girl. We’ll both beat the heck out of you together!

And . . . oh, but wait.

What I Said in the title up there was Hindi, a language my SO speaks, and what it translates to is this – Mona will slap you with shoes.

Or beat you with shoes. Her shoes!

And as she said that, I instantly thought I’d write to you about it.

And just why did my SO say that.

“Madam, can we ask Mona to buy us some other things!”

“Yeah right”, she smirked. “She does nothing for free, and especially not for you boy!”

“Madam, how about we beg her like the other employees did?”

(apparently one of her other employees literally did that int erms of needing money, in a non fetish sense of course!)

“Madam, how about she gets me a case of beer!”

And then that comment came.

“HA! She’ll beat you with her shoes, BOY!”

And I wish she would.

I haven’t met this redoubtable lady as yet, but I’m sur eI’ll drop down to my knees as soon as I do – – and will I?

I don’t know – stay tuned my friend!


Mike Watson

PS – Princess Joanie was another one of those ladies that along with Sophia Bai made me drop down to my knees (And then some!) as soon as I met her – oh boy! (actually BEFORE I met either one, as detailed in the TALES!). ?

PS #2 – Paye Lagu, Mona Madam . . . JI! Thank you SOOOOO much! ?

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