Dildos vs Chastity. Left VS RIGHT!!


As I posted on Twitter – NO POLITICS!

Madam – a certain Madam I dont know (and since I value m y balls, and perfect Mistress Virginaia told me NOT to have any other Madam’s, I’m playing safe and NOT talking to any others, hehe – she’s such a queen and a Goddess, I so wish for her tennis shoes to be in my lap and her SQUEEZING my FULL BOLLOCKS, smacking them, as I dutifully press her legs!).


And anyway, Madam held a dildo in one hand. CURVED!

Those dongs curving upwards, and curved dongs in general, the best!

Yours truly has one, pity I’m a cuck, Madam! Hehe. 

But anyway, the right hand – it held a chastity device.

Actually, it was the right that held the dong.

Left that held chastity.

Which in a way, not really politics, hehe, is poetic justice, but anyway, when the person in front of the screen SEES it, it’s th e other way around.

But really.


I’d choose the dick!

But, tough choice – BOTH ARE REQUIRED as I said on Twitter?

Remember Master and his sub that I posted about before, the slave having a ruined-cum-sissygasm ON COMMAND almost THROUGH A CHASTITY DEVICE?

That was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, friend, it was unique, I said as much!

Still is.

But really, if I could suck dick right now, I’d cum anyway.

I’d keep cumming copiously with NO THOUGHT or trying!

And I’d stay hard. Hehe. Like I did with Rueben the first time I sucked his, and all the other lollipops I’ve sucked and gagged upon!

So much for the myth of cucks not staying hard – along with that myth I TRULY DO BUST – like only MIKE WATSON, the real McCoy of TRUE AND REAL AND LASTING FEMDOM can – the other myth of cucks and small cocks in Cuck Central!


And really, I’m truly the best person to bring you all this.

Those are Princess Joanie’s legs and feet you see on the cover of Cuckold Compilations.

For a reason, straight from the heart, all true, reality mixed in with a dab of creative LICENSE, not the other way around!

Grab this now, friend.



Mike Watson

PS – Lots of my followers have been sending me pictures of dickies on Twitter. Do so, and I’ll post them for free there!

We also have a small dickie section on the website, hehe, where I’ll shame and NAME – not necessarily in that order – YOU – and your DICKIE – for free! Hehe. Contact me to learn more about that …

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