Princess “Simi” …

Dear Reader,

Many years ago, I used to work at a multi-national company (this was back when I DID work full time – something I never liked!).

And though the position was one of those “cog in the wheel”, ultra boring, zero creativity positions that I soon tired of (and consequently made the choice to leave – one of the best decisions of my life), I saw a lady in that company that I’ll always remember.

I didn’t know this lady – neither did I work with her … but, she was several levels higher than me in the “chain of command” (I was basically one of the “workers”. while she was in an executive level position), and she had the office, etc to prove it.

While the rest of the staff were sometimes running around, here and there, hither and thither – this fine lady would be sitting in her office, tapping away at a laptop, a serene aura radiating around here – an aura of “this is my space”, and “I‘ve got control not only of my LIFE – but my work – and the PACE of my work as well”. (and perhaps several male assistants as well! ;))

Every time I’d pass by her office, I’d sneak a look at her, and somehow I feel (although her eyes were glued to her laptop) she KNEW I was looking at her …

And the thing I remember the most about her was not just how well she maintained herself – but her feet.

Lovely, long feet … the toes usually always painted a light shade of pink, and usually a pair of “not so high” heels to boot.

She created the perfect picture of DOMINANCE in my mind every time she walked by – and yesterday – years later – I was reminded of her once again – and how?

Well, on my way back from my daily workout, I saw a pair of bare legs in front of me – and a lovely lady (the “owner” of those legs!) dressed in BLACK – all black on the phone to someone – obviously about a business conversation.

Her feet were EXACTLY the same as Ms. Simi’s feet that I mentioned above … long, lovely feet, except they were clad in comfortable home slippers, but EVERYTHING else was the same other than that!

And it got me to thinking about this – though I’ve never actually worked for a “lady boss” – it sure would be an interesting concept!

And it sure would provide plenty of fodder not just for novellas – – but real life scenarios as well.

But she isn’t the only lady I’ve worked with by far, of course. My real life experience in schools in China has led me to work with PLENTY of dominant ladies – starting with the (well, novel wise, at least!) lovely lady in “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” who somehow “knew” I had jerked off (that look in the eye!) to her … and “ending with” (for now!) Madam Krystal – her of the “Teaching Assistant” series …

She truly is – and was – anything but!

Anyway, last night was another one of those manifestation nights apparently. I saw girls everywhere last night – all clad in business attire – and all talking in that sexy manner on the phone that only females in authority radiate – and if you’ve ever been in the presence of one, you know what I’m referring to!

Ok, so thats the update for today, my dear reader. If you liked what was above – and the idea of submitting to a dominant woman in every way appeals to you – pick up a copy of Humiliation Central right now – it’s got more than plenty of “fodder” to satisfy your innermost needs to be humiliated by lovely Princesses such as who I’ve mentioned above!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And if you’re still looking for the right lady to worship in real life – real time, as it were, but have not been able to find her, chances are you’re going about it the WRONG way, my friend. Chances are you’re doing the wrong things and sending off the WRONG vibes. Here is how to rectify that – –

P.S #2 – Paye Lagu, Simi Malkin … 😉

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