Pooja Memsahib . . . JI!

I don’t know what it is with Asian femdom, but the more traditional it gets, the more I enjoy it!

That goes for Indian and Chinese femdom both, and probably ALL sorts of femdom. Hehe.

And when I say traditional, of course, we roll the clock back a little.

Could be feudal India or China, or the “Queen Victoria” era in England perhaps?

Or, perhaps the era of slavery in the good ole US of A (and no, please. Please don’t start about black lives matter here, as that ain’t what I’m referring to!).

I’m referring to fetish, in case you didn’t know!

And the dominant/submissive VIBE was brought out oh so perfectly in the past, and even these days in the Indian subcontinent and parts of China.

Think Ms. Priyanka, for one, and how she routinely debased me, and how I noted that it’s normal (a lot of it) for servants in India.

Think the ravishingly gorgeous Pakistani PERFECT GODDESS I wrote about a while back, with her perfect feet on her maids lap, a a much older lady, castigating her left, right and center as if she was a young Queen!

Which much like Princess Joanie, she was, hehe. ? Of course she was!

Or think slavery in the US.

Or . . . but you get the picture.

The more traditional it is, sometimes, the better it gets in terms of fetish, and I’m not even getting into racial fetishes here (Madam Ann did that so well, by the way, when she called me a dark skinned piece of shit!).

And . . . I was, of course. ?

You can read about that right here . . .

But anyway, last night, my SO was mocking me. Sort of “mock-cum-tease”, and being this is being written in the flow, right after my last post on a wet dream, perhaps that’s part of the reason (along with the lovely Madam Pooja of course) that I HAD that dream??

“You’re getting too traditional, boy! You’re behaving like a villager!”

She meant “hill billy”.

Now, she said it for reasons I’m not mentioning here.

Apparently the “Ji” I so like to use is not just used in a polite, subservient sort of way, but it’s also something that hill billies in that part of the word use in their vernacular (for reasons completely unrelated to what we’re talking about!).

And when I was saying it, she said what she did . . .

And she may be right (actually, she always is! ?) but IMHO she was missing the point. Not the first time, of course, hehe. (in both regards! ?).

But it brought to mind exactly what I’m saying here.

The more traditional it gets, the better it gets in terms of fetish – a lot of times!

Do you agree?

Write back – – and let me know!

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about being humiliated in India by Indian Goddesses – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/

PS #2 – Thank you, Garima Madam . . . JI! Thank you, perfect Goddess Pooja Madam . . . JI!, And yes, I’ll say it!

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