Hukm Ki Jiye, Malkin!

Something I’ve often felt . . . and felt STRONGLY when I look at certain women (or pretty much a LOT OF WOMEN, hehe) is the urge to drop down in front of her . . . and just . . . WORSHIP!

Just do what she says, and WANTS.

(And while this piece was written a few days ago, as I talk to the lovely Madam Michelle, and feel that submissive URGE BOIL inside of me . . . to obey her every COMMAND. . . I figured I’d post this instead of a sissy piece I had planned! Stay tuned though; sissy piece has been written as well. ;)).

Empty my wallet for her (remember the lovely Chinese Goddess and her broad, scrunched soles as she sat outside working as I returned from my workout??)

Prostrate and grovel in front of her, if just for her amusement.

(I can still hear the Indian ladies giggle with sheer amusement at my “boy” status! Come here, BOY!)

Put their dirty socks in my mouth.

Suck their lovers dicks.

Do their housework, twice over, and be forced to do it again!

And so forth.

It’s the VIBE, of course, and as I speak to a certain Madam – – Goddess – – Michelle (her of the “no bored harassment, BOY!” post) I’m reminded of this very thing!

(Edit – Well, now I know why I wrote this piece a few days ago! ;)).

She’s just so superior. Just such a Goddess.

Just so confident.

Just so KNOWING in her place at the top of the food chain, and there is place for only one!

TRUE femdom is often hard enough to explain to people, but the FEELING behind it is often times MUCH harder to explain!

That feeling of doing anything – – literally anything for her, as long as you’re in her control, which could be forever!

Stare at Mistress Danas perfectly shaped turds all night.

Massage Madam Susan and Goddess Sugar’s feet all night long. With no breaks. With my ears tied to the bedposts!

Bend down and take off their shoes, soggy with SWEAT

Put their rank smelling socks in my mouth, even though that’s not my thing – – just to see those EYES look at me, CONFIDENT in their sheer dominance and superiority!

It’s really the eyes that do it.

The eyes are a window unto a person’s soul, aren’t they?

And they ARE a window unto her DOMINANCE . . . big time.

That look, that vibe . . . it travels miles, my friend, and that’s why a TRUE femdom lover usually has no trouble attracting it to him and then some!

More on this topic later. For now, if you’re unable to attract true and lasting femdom to yourself in any way, shape or form then my BOOK right here is for YOU, my friend . . .

It truly has been changing lives globally, and it’ll change your life too!


Mike Watson

P.S. – check out our very extensive collection of femdom stories HERE –

P.S #2 – Almost forgot – that translates into “Please order me, Madam!” (or your wish is my COMMAND, if one were to put it politely, but why would one? ?)

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