Its no secret to YOU on this list – my strong preference for the male orgasm to be controlled by the female of the species, and DENIED.

Unless it’s a stud – and even STUDS could do well by “choosing to spread their seed wisely”.

Yours truly never spreads it despite a certain person wanting to PAY me for it.

I do occasionally, but usually not – because …

“Sir, can you cum for me i pay you money”

There was a PayPal address he sent too …

I did NOT bother to either reply or find out if it was genuine, but it probably was – the long list of people wanting to slob on my knob just keeps growing, like my lovely dong, hehe.

But anyway …

Ruined orgasms are the BEST way to keep a male on edge – and NOT allow him that orgasm.

You know, edging.

And cumming without cumming if you get my drift, and this not only keeps the male submissive and SALIVATING FOR MORE, and horny, and ready to do ANYTHING for her (bank account, ladies, hehe!) … but also allows him to NOT deplete his life force.

Female orgasms do NOT deplete the life force – male orgasms do.

Great boxers and wrasslers of yore have often abstained for ages before a fight for a reason. Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich for a reason …

(a book that is a must read even if getting rich isn’t why you’re on this list).

But really, there is ONE thing that trumps ruined orgasms, of which I’ve been having a lot – well, a combo of the two.

That being sissygasms.

Let me tell, the feeling of PROFOUND upon having your ass POKED is something you have to experience.

Not only can you have MORE orgasms – like females – but the BLISS and spiritual feeling – and being “connected” not just to the COCK pounding in you, but the UNIVERSE – is beyond belief!

Fingers and toys do it too, if you dont have a stud ready to do it.

But … EVEN YOU studs should have your ass probed regularly. Believe me!

On another note, I just connected with perfect Madam Dani again – her who left the review on the book on ruined orgasms …

And I told her about all the ruined – cum – sissygasms I’ve been having.

I dont know if she’s been reading this emails!

But really, I’m sitting here – and I can FEEL my P spot being probed – I can cum just by VISUALIZING IT!

And if you want to get to those levels of bliss where you can probably sit in a boardroom and leak and cum WTIHOUT anyone knowing it, and experience the same pleasure, then you simply must get the course here – Sissy-Gasm Central.

Truly one for the ages.

Do so now!



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