“Your dick is too much trouble! I need to tug it UP instead of down!”

I’ve often written about my phimotic dick, and how despite some ladies wanting me to “get it cut” I’ve steadfastly and flat out REFUSED to do so.

Despite me having what they say is a severe case of phimosis and it probably is, as when hard, you have the “elephant snout” effect where the head isn’t visible.

As the regal Ashley once told me, “Why I can’t see the head!”

And she was right in a way (and wrong too – after all, a nurse should know “why”!).

Anyway … much like in the last email I wrote, there are two overriding reasons I never got this “rectified”.

First, because I don’t think it NEEDS to be.

It’s an intensely private issue obviously, and being it doesn’t cause me pain anyway while having sex if I’m really turned on, who cares?

Sure, I can’t see the head, but who cares? The sensations I get when a girl sucks me off are probably way more intense than cut dudes get and WAY more “flavorful” in many regards . . .

Second, different isn’t always bad. It’s ATTRACTIVE in many ways!

And while I’m not a fan of phimotic penises, I will go on record stating many women find it curiously attractive and insanely sexy too if you find the right one.

And on that note, reason #2.

It makes femdom, and BDSM all the more interesting!

Sure, doggy style is painful, but I don’t want doggy style sex or cowgirl anyway! Missionary works best for me – preferably when it’s HER plunging in and out of me, or her boyfriend! ?


With a long, black CUT cock which doesn’t need any “special attention!”

Anyway at Mistress Dana’s house, we were in bed one night.

My girl and me I mean.

“Can you give me a handjob”, I asked sleepily.

She tugged it a few times, and then turned over?

What happened, I asked.

“I’m tired!” she moaned. (and it was her right to do so! ?). “I want to sleep!”

And then . . .

“Baby, your dick is too much trouble! With most guys one just has to tug up and down rapidly, and it’s done. But with you . . . “

Now, she was right in a way.

Tugging DOWN on my erect dick causes me a lot of pain, so it’s the tugging up motion that really gets me off, but boy does it get me off, and how!

EXQUISITE sensations, and in terms of the “tugging up and down”, here is something I gotta say and something my girl despite being experienced – – much more so than me at that point – – did NOT know.

PORN is NOT what it’s about, my friend!

The best way to administer a blowjob isn’t by wildly bobbing your head up and down! It’s by lavishing (yes!) attention on the cock HEAD, and the entire dick, and the balls, nipples and ass in conjunction, and more!

(That’s a book I’ve been planning to write – how to give the perfect blowjob. Let me know if y’all are interested and it’ll be done; from a cuck standpoint of course! ? But the tips would probably work for even vanilla).

And it’s the same damned thing with handjobs. You do NOT just “tug up and down” madly. It’s about the UPWARD motion to be honest, EVEN for cut guys, and uncut guys without phimosis that really gets the best effects and results!

But Madam was right, of course!

She was sleepy. It was too much trouble. If only we had known about P spot orgasms, hehe.

Or if only she wasn’t the sort who would scream “counseling” every time I wanted femdom (which was a lot admittedly).

Madam Alexa would just turn me over and fuck ME. Hehe. As it should be!

And with many other ladies, I’d press their legs all night long after licking their butts clean – – spotlessly clean! ?

And so it should be, hehe.

Anyway, that’s another reason that trip wasn’t one of the best, but in many ways it was, and now, all these years later I’m writing about it to you.

Enjoy – – and by the way, for more such “searing” (as one reviewer recently put it) tales of femdom go right HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/


Mike Watson

P.S. – Don’t forget to pick up my collection of Indian femdom memories right here – including one very popular memory indeed from Madam – Goddess, I should say – Mahima. Mahima Madam, actually! ? – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/indian-femdom-recollections/

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