The Indian Madam Ji I keep seeing sitting in the park!

Jor Se!

Just heard that word being said, or the words, except not in a fetish sense, but to me?

It brings back memories of … lovely, beautiful, pretty, Goddess like, even when they’re  NOT – DOMINANT AND ALWAYS DOMINATING – Indian ladies!

Indian girls, ladies, women.

All so nice – so DOMINATING, so arrogant, rude and BRATTY TOO!

I just love it!

I can almost hear Pooja Memsahib Ji, tired after a day’s work – back when she DID work, of course, now, well, we all know the tale! – kicking off her pink slippers that used to hit me straight in the FACE, those socks (when she wore them) sweaty and grimy with Indian dust, and everything else on the roads attached to it.

I’d press her legs all night as she slept comfortably.

Occasionally, she’d wake up, and kick me irritably.

“Jor se!” 

Harder, boy, press harder!

Garima Madam, Ms Priyanka … they would ALL do this, even when I was pressing their legs and feets (feet, but Indian girls love to say “feets!”) nicely!

Yes, ma’am, even when I was pressing your feets nicely!

Yes, even if it’s wrong English, its always right, its so SEXY when you say it that way, MA’AM!


She is so NICE!

Megha Ma’am says it too – I wake up every morning dreaming of those luscious, Madam Pearl like SOLES … the soles that drove me into SUCH A FRENZY a couple of years ago, what findom, how EXPERTLY did she sissify me!

“Plug you in the ass, boy!”

“I’m coming home, Michael! Have dinner ready, and wash my feet when I get home, I’m tired!”

She’s so nice.

Even Priyanka did this, they all did this.

And that Indian lady in the park, which is what this is all about?

Well, Madam Ji sits there, fully clothed – black top, jeans, always giggling ont he phone.

I’ll be stretching next to her.

And she often stares at me. Hehe.

That sort of stare which says she KNOWS, except she’s too shy or nervous to start a conversation!

But her feet, her soles!


Big, the soles uncared for, the heels cracked, to anyone else it would seem horrible, to me, I just want to drop down and worship them, PAMPER them with scented lotion, BEG Madam to take my money, flick my nipples, CONTROL Me, DOMINATE ME, and more!


Like the TOOL I am, for their pleasure! (pun intended, very much so!)

Along with the Indian ladies I wrote about in the park HERE of course!

All so dominating, their soles so cracked, grimy, tired!

I keep telling you, and I mean it.

Worshipping ladies that are “societally” at the bottom of the totem pole (pun intended) – is SO NICE!

Could be sex workers in China, could be maids in India!

All so deserving of worship, and they do it (i.e. dominate) SO WELL when given the chance, all those years of abuse they suffered, they take it out on me, and I deserve it too!

Madam, you’re so nice, truly.

I wish I could say I “love you”, but it’s sissy love. Hehe.

I just want to be cucked, underfoot, and SERVING forever, and the brattier you are, the better. 

You deserve it.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – It came out as “Ju” first. THe next addition to my Chinese femdom tales will be “Joyce, the ultimate QUEEN!” – and in that book, Madam Juju (yes, real occurence this, reality mixed in with a dab of creative license as with ALL my books) makes an appearance.


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