Ball loving . . . and BALL BUSTING!

Men truly are the inferior sex . . . and if you didn’t know that already, the set of “appendages” attached to the male is more proof for you!

There is no other part on the human body (at least the male) where even the slightest bit of force causes the male to drop to his knees – whether he likes it or not – and NO other part of the male body that is quite as sensitive to pain .  .  . and perhaps (after the penis, ass and nipples ) – LOVING!

(and in the case of some men, more than the other three!)

And they’re the perfect tool to either humiliate your male – thoroughly so – emasculate “him” as he deserves to –  or WORSHIP a superior alpha stud as those balls pound away at you, as the tool he has satisfies you like your cuck never ever could!

What do I mean?

Well, Princess Joanie often had me lick her lover’s balls as his long black cock plunged in and out of her pussy.

He (and she) preferred “Cowgirl” apparently and there were MANY times he’s be flat on his back and she’d ride him . . . and merely to see that long black shiny male organ, which I knew better than my OWN cucked, locked organ . . . which GOT to come, and mine didn’t, of course (other than sissygasms very regularly ?) plunge in and out of her was ectasy enough for me.

And of course, the balls, which would literally take on a life of their own as he did so, and would be routinely serviced as Sir did what he does best – be a STUD!

Often times, I’d press his feet as he woke up (see Garima Madam for more on this! IT’s mentioned at the very START of the book) . . .and wake him up with a blowjob.

I’d concentrate on the shiny cock head – his KNOB . . . that gleaming, cut cock head of his as I sucked to get him hard for Madam, but often times, he’d growl at me in a manly sort of voice and push my head down even further.

“Don’t forget the balls, boy”, he’d often command, and I’d lick on command as they both laughed at me . . .

And on the other end of the spectrum, while I’m not into pain and ballbusting, I still remember Madam Carol for once “tap” the side of my penis right after an orgasm once.

Right, the same lady I mention in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China!

And she’d giggle, and I KNEW she wanted to hit me right on the sensitive spot – the glans – right after I came – and of course, the balls too, but she never did, of course.

And yet, the cuck can get his balls smashed in by the Goddess as punishmentoften times as he licks and services the stud bull’s balls – – which are worthy of respect and lavishes the sort of attention on his cock that his own cock will never, ever get!

And that’s why balls are such a powerful tool in terms of femdom or maledom – either way!

All for now, my friend. If you haven’t already, drop down to your knees, and beg your Madam for the chance to suck some real man cock – chances ar eyou’ll love it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – To learn more about how I’m routinely humiliated in front of “real men” – Princess Joanie is ready to tell you – right – HERE!


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