What made Princess Sophia’s legs shake like NOTHING she had ever done!

I still remember my OWN shaking – and this is THAT Sophia, yes.

You can never touch me, or have sex with me, boy!

Go make me a sandwich, Mike!

Clean the floor, boy! 

Massage me, so tired, BOY!

And as she climbed the mountain with me once, she collapsed on about 10% of the route.

With about that much done, and sat down on the stairs.

I wasn’t even feeling it. My fitness friend has given me some Advanced Hill Training routines (Google, you’ll find it) (I’m not linking him here, but if you want – hey – stud incarante that guy, with a long, large THICK DONG!) … and after getting on ’em, I’ve truly got into the best shape of my life doing nothing but exercises at home.

No, to the Tom Toms and Bozos reading this it aint just pushups (as he says).

It’s something WAY more than that.

Secret Indian techniques to get fit – those used by old time Indian strongmen, real life current studs, and …


This ain’t his site, hehe.

Miss V, Paye Lagu!

But here, lets delve more into the Kamasutra part. Hehe.

Which can of course, get you just as fit if you’re a stud having sex, and …

… Believe me, beng plowed in the ass repeatedly as a cuck is not just the most ultimtely divinely, heavenly cockly blissful experience ever, it also tightens your abs like nothing else.

The entire abdominal girdle I should say – and of course, youll be “going” shortly if you haven’t already.

Truly “cleans you out” – semen, prostrate, and everything else.

TRUST ME, I’ve peed for hours after sissygasms, I feel so great and good!

ANyway, as she sat down, her lovely legs showed. Just the calf.


From pressing her legs right there and then. 

Actually, I couldnt resist – I did a bit there!

But then she was shy, too many people around.

It was a Sunday, so we ended up at a nearby coffee shop, and I ordered coffee for her – beer for me.

I also asked her to put her feet on my lap, hehe.

What a Queen, what a Goddess, I remember the guys there trying to take pictures…

All jealous “Schofield” sorts most likely. Hehe.

But anyway …

She posted a picture of her climbing with her kids.

Madam, I so love middle aged ladies with TWO KIDS, and an expanding waistline, more to worship!

“I 5 kg heavier this year, BOY!” she once told me (well, a short while ago).

And, she asked my fitness friend how to increase the size of her breasts – true story!

With me, of course, no such luck. Hehe.

With me its being cucked, and …

… Ah, but that brings me to Sophia Bai Madam Ji. 

This regal lady NEVER worked out.


Not beautiful.

Ugly feet, as she said.

But boy was she DOMINATING!

MADAM – thank you so much for beign DOMINATING, PLEASE, thank you!

And her legs literally shook along with SU’s as Jerome serviced them both … and it was the most erotic thing ever, they’d kiss him over, fight for his long black dick, I’d be allowed to suck too – and I’d lick his ass SO OFTEN as he plowed, making their legs literally QUIVER AND SHAKE!

ANd so are mine now, hehe.

Not to fuck someone.

But, because I’m thinking dick …

And thats how you know, boy, if you’re a true cuck – and the lady is truly DOMINATING!


Mike Watson

PS – Read all about Sophia Bai HERE.

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