Don’t call me Madam, boy!

So I believe I wrote about Madam … uh, I mean PRINCESS in the last email, or should I say Queen.

Or maybe Empress.

Speaking of which Empress Cody was the only lady that had such an uniquely dominant vibe the first time I met her. Remember, my dear reader, how she made me take shirtless pictures, and then send them to her husband?

At the time I couldn’t understand why, but of course, later events explained everything, as the regal Empress used us ALL for experiences so humiliating and debasing that (other than Princess Joanie) I’ve not written a single femdom LONG length novel after that.

Of course there’s already PLENTY – more than plenty for you the reader to choose from right here – –

And back to … Princess Viv (that’s her name apparently) …

I kept calling her Madam, though she told me not to first, and with good reason.

After all, it’s being done in the right spirit. Take one.

Take two . . . MOST of the time, and indeed almost all the time none of the ladies mind it once I explain the meaning of the word to them.

In fact, if anything, they ASK me to call them that once they understand the meaning of the word.

Once they know they’re Queens, and whatever they say or do is LAW.

Once they know that I KNOW the score, boy!

That being, its always about them, and them alone.

And Princess Viv hasn’t allowed me to call her Madam as yet, hence the last email on that, and the other things she’s asked, but I think for once, I messed up. Hehe.

Or maybe not.

I don’t think I messed up, but each lady is different.

Maybe she hasn’t sensed the submissive vibe as yet.

Most likely she has (hence the giggle in the last email) NOW, and even more likely, she’s got guys lining up literally BEGGING to be at her feet, hehe.

So she’s choosing the one most suitable, and the giggle is step #1. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more tests to pass!

And in terms of calling her Madam – well – who knows?

She might just allow me to do that, and more, once this (if it) progresses!

After all, my gut tells me she will, and my guts never been wrong ONCE in that regard.

Stay tuned for more on this – from Spicy and Erotic Fetish headquarters!


Mike Watson

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