Why expressing myself in writing is SO HARD FOR ME…

And why Ma’am’s feet are SO NICE!


They are – and the soles I’m referring to – well, y’all that have logged into the site and bought from Mike Watson – y’all KNOW!

I was looking at the creases on her sole, mesmerised, she reminds me so of perfect Madam Su, she’s as perfect, maybe more (maybe not, Su will hammer my balls, quite literally, if I say that!).

Anyway – that aside – you might be shocked to hear Mike Watson, one of the best writers out there (not even me saying that – it is EVERYONE that has read my writing, not just THIS writing, but all the writing I do – that have called me the very best at what I do – i.e. I GO DEEP – literally and figuratively – and people literally FEEL the emotion behind the words! (hence the books being so popular and so forth)) saying that?


It’s not “hard” for me.

But it is … I STAY HARD writing everything I do!

Literally, my body tingles, quivers, and SHIVERS with lust writing all this! 

And writing all I do – a true example of what Napoleon Hill terms as sexual transmutation in his book Think and Grow Rich. 

Communication, of course, getting to the point, and doing it right in a way people relate to you – and listen to you – and follow you – and buy from you – is a skill all great leaders have, and Mike Watson is no exception to that rule.

I’ve always been that way – which is perhaps why you either hate me – or love me!


That aside … lets look at this –

No, believe me, expressing myself by writing, Spanish or English is HARD for me. I have a lot of things in my mind that I want to say I am not always the best at explaining it and putting those words in order. Translating on the other hand is easy because I do not need to express myself, just type, so there are different things for me. Expressing and translating are not the same, no matter the language.

Now, this was Madam Dani.

We were having a slight “discussion”  – never an argument with Madam, hehe, about her not getting back to me on my emails.

Now, this is a pet peeve I have.

I.e. people replying to me saying “I’m too busy to reply” – when they really arent!

When they’re too busy watching videos and such on the dumbphone, for one!

And when they do reply, nothing annoys me more than the one line “OK” responses – makes me feel the other person didnt even READ what I took TIME to write and explain!

I know you know what I mean.

Those messages you keep getting when people say “hi” – and nothing else, EXPECTING the other person to reply promptly!

Like a “dangling carrot”.

When Ma’am does it, of course, I love it. Hehe.

But fetish aside, I was explaining that to Dani, and she agreed (she did it more than once, but she didnt really mean it – honestly!)

And then we spoke about translation, and how it’s not quite the same as writing, though it is in some ways.

Dani – and some of my other GREAT TRANSLATORS – ALL capture the spirit of what I write perfectly, the emotions etc (as well as possible when translating).

BUT, writing the original is quite another thing!

Like an old boss of mine once said (or I believe maybe my father or someone).

Its one thing to say it.

But can you put it in WRITING?

THAT is the real key to communication!

Anyway … (and no that ain’t limited to writers alone, it’s for everyone) …

She asked about my plans for the weekend …

Hi Dani

I hope you got both my emails on this i.e. the one where I explained what ‘being an ass’ in English is?

Anyway, yeah, I think we’re on the same page. XO.

Now, plans?

I dont know, since Princess Dani spoke about asses so much, I’m planning on you kicking my ass and balls too – as hard as you can, while I kiss your lovely ass later.


Nah, no real plans, but you know, good thing, after you sent me the “ass” email – I REALLY, REALLY ripped into my agent again.

Yes, I know I said I did this before, and I did.

But you should have heard me, it would make a sailor blush – some of what I said.

That didnt result in anything, but he <chopped – its biz>


Oh, and now that we’re past that, plans? I wanna dress up in a pink short frilly frock for you, Princess, and since you’re my man, and “so dominant in real life” (as you said, dominant as fuck, hehe) – to slap my ass as I walk.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I’ll pull your pants down to give you head, and find a dick. Hehe. Just kidding, of course, but the “mental” part is most important.

As you know! ?


Yes, I believe we’re definitely on the same page … LOL!

(haha, not in the sexual sense, I mean, the issue we were discussing about respect)

(but I only talk or feel these things with people I respect and vice versa, haha)


(Madam was referring to herself being “an ass” because of her “poor” replies, and in a way she was, but I dont think so – it was more irritating, actually, as the intent wasn’t to be an ass, but she’s right too, she was guilty of not replying properly… which is disrespectful no matter what, but I Explained it to her, she’s on the same page – always was!) 

And Madam is in her own words “dominant as fuck” in real life. Hehe.

In the bedroom, as yet, not quite so much.

She loves real men fucking her HARD though – as she should!

And of course, we BOTH love those cocks. Hehe.

And we should!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on them adventures.

For now, remember – get my books.

You’ll truly stay hard READING them – if you can control yourself from LEAKING!


Mike Watson

PS – I wonder if I should introduce the Bozo to Dani, with her words about asses, and she’s got a damn fine one, he’d explode just by reading it if you get my drift, he’s that much of a clown (or “denied” or whatever he calls it, though really, which girl would want to be with an asshat like that, hehe).


What a fool this Bozo is, hehe.

And no, Dani is Madam – she deserves much better! Queen and Goddess, paye lagu, Madam JI!

Hey, she allowed me to wear a skirt for her (“haha sure!”) .


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