Cinderella, and the size conundrum!

Paye lagu, Madam … JI!

And thats what I wanted to say when I saw the Cinderella meme this morning on FB or something (Which I do not use, but I still keep getting email notifications and such, and so …)

The prince is trying to make sure the shoe fits.

Brings back memories, many !

“Madam, may I see the bottom of your feet please? It woul dbe such an honor, Madam JI!”

“Yes, please show me your soles, Madam!”

Why, boy? You’re buying me a pair of shoes? ?

(Princess Joanie, the one and only! Read the book for more, hehe).

Or, Madam Andy.

“Sure, I will”, she said with a confident smirk.

“Madam, you’re so gorgeous and superior! Madam, I want to kiss your feet 10 times and request you to permission to buy you shoes, Goddess! Madam, please allow me to buy you something! Madam, hyou should be spending my money freely, Goddess! It’s such an honor!”

(That was Madam Andy, so regal, so commanding. She threw me for a LOOP the first day I spoke to her, and funny part? We didnt even meet, an dshe was traveling AWAY from me!)

(It was romantic to a degree though, as she said she’d miss me, though we had not met).

Sometimes that connection just happenes.

And it’s for a reason she is featured on the COVER of 16 Femdom Affirmations

Anyway, where was I.

Ah. The meme!

The prince (in the meme) said the following, as Madam “Cinderella” was lying there in stockings and panties, legs spread.

“The shoe, I mean. Iwas trying to make sure it fit! Ah, hell. Fuck it!”

And the import is clear.

HE’s a stud, hehe.

But those long stud cocks, and making sure they fit?

Either in my ass or her lovely pussy?

Well, I did plenty of that with Madam Su, for one!

And there are plenty more such stories in Cuckold Compilations.

But really, taking his penis and putting it in Madam, so HE can enjoy, and licking his ass while he is at it.

No greater pleasure, and honor for a CUCK – and SISSY!

Paye Lagu Madam JI … And paye lagu, Malik!

Dominance is indeed so attractive!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some tales of Chinese femdom HERE.

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