You can put your feet on the table and read, Madam. I’ll press them for you …

In the “Books are King, but you are QUEEN” email that I wrote, I references a gorgeous older lady – – again, not traditionally beautiful or anything perhaps, but a lady that made me SWOON the minute I heard her voice … albeit a 2 second clip.

Sometimes, those pesky little voice notes have their benefits!

And as I continue chatting with her (at this point I’m not quite sure what her name is – – she told me, but I couldn’t understand it, hehe) … I just HAD to say the below as I continued with my writing – – and as a couple of very powerful visuals flashed into mind.

“Madam, please put your feet up on the table, and read. I’ll press them for you!”

And as I type this, I’m reminded of the COVER on the homepage where the lady is seen doing  just that.

In the newsletter sign up form, you see her grinning from ear to ear and relaxing in the park.

And as you exit the site, you see another gorgeous lady tempting you, tantalizing you, and for those of you into humiliation, of course, laughing with that knowing look at your pindick, sissy!

All so sexy, and as I wrote to Madam Alexa a few years ago . . . (I can’t remember the exact words, but here is the drift of what I wrote – unfortunately I did not save it at the time)

Madam, I wish I was right by you now so I could prepare a foot bath for you . . .

And then, as if I was writing a story . . .

The afternoon sun blazed down outside, but it was cool and comfortably inside as the air conditioner whirred on about its business, the mighty 1.5 ton compressor more than enough to cool the living room Madam was sitting in.

Sitting on a comfortable rocking chair, with her feet immersed in a bowl (or should I say “container”) of warm water as she got her foot bath (which of course now she doesn’t need to pay for, and has a servile slave to boot as well next to her feet!) … and as she rocked back and forth, I kept pressing her legs as she ordered me to.

Occasionally, she’d smack me on the back of the head as the water got cold.

“Refill, boy!” would be the curt rejoinder to this, if even that. Often times, and most times a smack – or sometimes a kick – would be MORE than enough! 

Does it surprise you that my stories are all mostly REALITY mixed in with a dab of creative license, sometimes MORE? ?

Thoughts truly do CREATE, my friend, and the proof is in the pudding! ?

And that, my friend is what I want to tell the gorgeous lady I’m referring to right now.

Will I?

Only time will tell . . . but I feel I know the answer! Hehe . ..


Mike Watson

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