“Books are KING … and you are a Queen, Madam!”

Oh boy!

Just saw a forwaded message sent to me on my WeChat account – – again, the vanilla one.

Funny how THAT works huh. The vanilla one gets the non-vanilla requests, and then some, hehe. Says  lot about mental conditioning, and truly believing in the fact that you WILL get what you want at your very core, and dinning that into your subconscious until it becomes a part of you  – – attracting TRUE femdom to you on auto-pilot.

I’ve never once consciously worked upon attracting true femdom to me.

Never ONCE.

Sure, I’ve done what I tell YOU to to do in the book. Obviously. Everything in my manuals is tested and tried before I send it your way, but the truth is I KNEW all these things “from a very young age” – and simply wrote about it later (since most people do NOT know ‘em).

And the results are apparent for all to see, eh?

Anyway, here is the quote (translated from Chinese), but the IMPORT is clear enough – –

“Dong Qing once said on a program: I have always believed that all the books I have read will be worth reading. It will always help me to perform better in the future, reading can give people power, it can give people more happiness”.

And initially it seemed like SPAM.

But then I looked at the picture of the person posting it, and while I didn’t see much to “look at” (normal older Chinese lady) there was something that caused me to PAUSE – and send her a message.

You know what that something is, right?

That intangible  something I felt with the regal Princess Joanie.

With the GODDESS – nay, EMPRESS Cody … and with Perfect Goddess Shu, and Perfect Ms. Priyanka, and the rest …!

FEMDOM, and though I didn’t consciously think about this, I posted a simple “Yes, books are indeed King, Madam!”

And then went about my daily writing “tasks” (anything but, hehe).

An hour or so later, I was struck by an inexplicable need to send this lady another message.

And so I did.

Gut feeling is NEVER Wrong, my friend – even in terms of and especially in terms of TRUE FEMDOM!

“Madam, books are indeed King, and you’re a Queen!”

I didn’t expect a response, much as I had not with Princess Joanie, but much like with her, it came anyway.

A voice note of all things, and given my distaste for the same, hehe … can we say the TRAP is being laid at her level (albeit subconsciously) already?

A deep, sexy voice … a voice that screams out “older lady” to the initiated, and that combined with the picture (admittedly an “older” lady) sent shivers of lust through my entire being!

“Thank you! Where are you from?”

And the Thank you was said in SUCH an entitled manner that it reminded me of the regal and one and only Miss Summer, and where this will go, I have NO idea.

Actually I do.

But it hasn’t happened as yet. I got busy with other writing after that, and RESISTED the urge to check the phone for Madam’s response, hehe, but I’ll do so soon.

And I’ll keep you posted. For sure! ?


Mike Watson

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