“Just like a Queen, Madam!”

Ever come across a picture … or a photo .. or a PERSON (female obviously) that makes you think what I just typed in the headline of this here post?

A look in the eye, or a general “attitude” and VIBE about her that just screams out … “Just like a Queen!”

For the vast majority of ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in, most didn’t command attention that way … at least from the get go, hehe.

The INIMITABLE Madam Sophia, for instance, only got my attention with the orange sweater and the “Hello, boy!” comment . . . before which although I regarded her as Goddess like anyway, there was no such strong vibe coming over from HER side.

Madam Krystal didn’t either, but it ain’t how you start. It’s about how you FINISH, and if you’ve read the “Krystal – The Teaching Assistant” series, you KNOW what I BE talking about, my friend!

And in terms of those that DID …

Well, Garima Madam for one. That young Indian girl that was not something extra ordinary to look at, but certainly HAD some extra ordinary about HER – that little EXTRA that GOT me from the day I saw her … floored me, actually!

To get exceptional results, you have to first BE exceptional, and work at it, and Garima Madam no doubt did – and that story is detailed in the Prologue to the hugely successful tale, so much so that I’m thinking of coming with out an epilogue with an older version of the lovely Garima.

Always lovely, and older, perhaps, but even more UBER dominant as these older ladies tend to be!

Madam Susan is another lady that got me from the get go and as for the NUMERO UNO amongst ALL of these lovely Goddesses, I’d say it’s Princess Joanie.

Just looking at the bottom of her keds (tennis shoes, hehe) on the cover of Cuck Central, for one, a grainy picture at best sends my heart RATE soaring .. and blood rushing to my loins, and if you’re a member of this list and has been reading on her, you know why!

(Or, if you’ve read the BOOK I’ve dedicated to her . . . )

And this morning, I saw another picture … a lady that hasn’t even said anything or spoken to me in terms of the dominance thing. Or in terms of anything at all for that matter.

The ONLY exchanges between us have been business like, and mostly boring to be honest.

But the minute I saw her picture … BAM!

A “fat” (sorry, Madam, and YES, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or not!) lady with more flabbage than she should have, but that sexy, DOMINEERING, CUNNING look in the eyes, and THAT purse to the lips …

THAT twist to the face …

THAT angle to the camera .. and for you male submissives out there, you know what I mean, doncha? ?

Yes – if you’re a true submissive you do.

That look makes you want to drop down and drop DEAD in your tracks – on your knees, and that’s what today’s post is about – and that, my friend is one of the things that truly DOES “get me” about Chinese women.

They’re all UBER dominant, and they all have the LOOK, and on that note – I’m out. I’ll keep you posted on how or if it goes with her!


Mike Watson

P.S. – For UNBRIDLED tales of dominance mixed in with romance, here is where you can read some – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/

P.S #2 – Have you read “Serving Ann” as yet? Curiously enough, it’s one of the most popular books I’ve got despite not spending much time at all on it . . . As they say, it ain’t about the time spent – – it’s about HOW that time was spent! ?

Here is where you can pick up this little gem – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/chinese-femdom/serving-ann/

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