Foreskin, or none?

Today’s email will be a pure cuck/sissy delight – – but if you’re not into either one of those, maybe not so much.

It could also be classified under the “faggot” category, a word Madam Sophia for one used to constantly term me as, or was that Madam Su?

Oh yeah. Madam Su, cuckoldress au extraordinaire, used that word all the time, and it was the most humiliating thing I had experienced since then and that was saying something, of course!

Make sure the house is clean, faggot!” she’d go before going out on a date with her boyfriend, and then bringing him back a few hours later … to a clean house, of course!

As she asked me during our initial conversations, “what will you do when I bring another man back?”

And while my answer has been stated numerous times, it later morphed into, “Get him a beer, faggot! Unzip his pants!”

I was even made to hold a bottle as her boyfriend, drunker than a skunk pissed into it once … another new and degrading experience, but anyway, that reminds me!

I was made to hold his cock as he peed, and as the two of them laughed, I’m ashamed (not) to say that I CAME myself – – as much as I could through my cock cage, and had to lick it up later of course, but I came, and how!

As Master pee’d, I shook him off later “in my mouth” if you get my drift, the last droplets of pee hanging on to his uncut thick foreskin.

And as I sucked it later, I could still taste a bit of it there …

That’s true submission, swallowing your Master’s waste … and Mistress’s too, and your cum too while you’re at it!

And I have to admit – – in terms of cuck preferences, in the past I’ve preferred cut cocks, but NOT because of the pee reason stated above.

It’s because the cocks just looked shinier and cleaner.

Or perhaps I only had those cocks before, but the first time I went black … and uncut black, I truly never did go back!

My current preference is slim black men with long (not necessarily overly thick) cocks … and preferably UNCUT to the point the skin can be rolled back easily.

Yours truly has a severe case of phimosis, which was questioned by several of the ladies I’ve been with (more femdom fodder there, and I have written about the same!) … and maybe it’s a case of the “grass is greener on the other side”.

Then again, I don’t know – – if Mistress had a phimotic lover, that wouldn’t change my opinion of his cock .. .or the worship I’d administer anyway!

So end of the day, it’s all about Mistress’s preferences, and what she makes me do … but if I as a true cuck were to choose, well, that’s what I’d choose!

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The “Garima Madam” series is a great one to read if you’re into true femdom and cuckolding …

P.S #2 – Be sure to check out Cuckold Compilations right here as well.

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