The orgasm … that didn’t drain me!

I’ve often spoken about orgasms, and how it’s a pet policy of mine to avoid ‘em … unless explicitly instructed by Mistress to “go about business” in a humiliation manner, or unless she milks me (ahh!) … and for obvious reasons.

One, as I’ve stated many times before male sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces there is out there. You can literally use your sexual energy to conquer seemingly unconquerable obstacles, and as Napoleon Hill correctly wrote in Think and Grow Rich, knowing how to use (and channel) your sexual energy correctly surely DOES elevate you to the status of a genius.

Second, you just have more energy – and are naturally more submissive when you’re always kept on a knife edge as a male.

Most males experience a “refractory period” after an orgasm which means they experience the “downs” … as in, a period where there is very little if any sexual desire left .. to do anything, be that have actual sex, or SERVE the woman.

And for dominant ladies that are looking to be served pretty much all the time, that is NOT good news!

Control his orgasms, control him as I’ve often said.

The male of the species is indeed better off CAGED!

But there are exceptions to this rule … as I’ve  found out on occasion, and last night was one such occasion.

ALL other occasions when I have NOT experienced the downtime was when I was with an actual woman … and her presence and touch of course completely changed things as far as the entire experience was concerned.

And that’s what Napoleon Hill says too. Curiously, he is NOT against having sex – – in fact, he has reported that many writers, artists and creative people get “burst of inspiration” upon orgasm … with the right woman – not just any woman!

That last bit is key.

“Spreading your seed”, or “sowing your wild oats” is ultimately counter-productive, my friends, and the the sooner you realize and commit – and hand over CONTROL of your life to the right woman – the better off you’ll be!

Anyway, last night I wrote a lot on Princess Joanie, and it was 230 AM or so when I was in bed, unable to sleep.

I tossed, turned, checked my Wechat like all those years ago (actually, in 2017 – – not that long ago!) and of course, there was no Joanie, but she popped up in my mind.

Those lovely eyes, those knowing eyes, the lovely FEET- the uber dominant smirk and ATTITUDE, and that was all it took.

As I flicked my nipples, I was ready to cum. Took about 1 minute or so, and I thought of the “years later” version of Princess Joanie … Princess Jojo, who is just as dominant, if not more.

And though I tried to control myself for a while, it was NOT happening.

I came – – and it was a regular orgasm. Great gushing SPURTS … and in the last email I wrote about “you’ll know what I mean later on”.

Well, I forgot to put that in the last email so I’ve put it here NOW!

It was a orgasm like no other, and Joanie wasn’t even there. I hadn’t even spoken to Jojo in a while.

And I had hardly even touched my cock, and yet …!

Imagine if all of the above were to be included in that above experience. Can we say Niagara Falls?

And the other thing that made this one special was …

Well, there is always a point at an orgasm when the man knows he’s about to “finish” – – but at that point, I thought of Princess Joanie again – her FACE.

Just her face, and those big, luminous EYES …

That lovely skin, that long black Chinese hair …

And my dick hardened again and pumped out several MORE loads of cum … something that had never happened before, and guess what.

There was NO refractory period. I cleaned up, and much to my surprise, the instant I went back to bed – I was hard again!

Was this another semi-ruined orgasm? Or an orgasm with the potential for many more? Am I finally, through P spot stimulation (although very occasional these days) gaining the ability to CONTROL and DIRECT my orgasms at WILL?

Who knows – but it was an experience for sure!

Have YOU ever have experienced something like this? If so, write back and tell me, and I’ll share it with the world!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I’ll commence work on Princess Joanie later on during the day. Give it another few days at most … in the meantime, check out our ever growing collection of Chinese femdom HERE – –

P.S #2 – Actually, I seem to have underestimated my speed when writing in the FLOW. The book is DONE NOW – here is where you can grab it – –

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