“Then buy me a dress”

So as I wrote the last email about beach femdom, all those old memories came flooding back … quite literally, as you’ll see later on in this email!

Princess Joanie, those lovely LARGE luminous black eyes, those KNOWING eyes, that femdom that was oh-so-natural to you, and the findom too – which was possibly even more natural for her!

And how it all happened, and after I wrote the last email to you, I decided that Princess Joanie would be the next book that I put out, and as I type this, I’m about halfway through the book.

Given what happens when I’m in the flow – well – expect this book out within the next few days at most, if not earlier!

And as for the topic of today’s email. . .

This was back before I had ever MET Madam – or Princess, as I liked to call her, but she had already woven a web expertly around me, and I was – in a word – SMITTEN.

Joanie was the only thing on my mind all day – quite literally!

The Venus Fly trap done almost CLOSED, my friend, and as I got a bit “antsy one day, it all happened.

I don’t know if I told you about the Chinese lotteries that Madam pushed me to participate in with her, as a partner. Of course as a partner, but guess who the lions share of the spoils would go – although that was not agreed upon beforehand, she knew it deep down inside!

And the vibe she gave off communicated that so well, even if Joanie herself didn’t know it.

She was – is a natural at this!

And guess where – – or to what if I may say so – – the remainder of the spoils would go to, hehe.

Anyway, we were losing money left right and center in the lottery and prudence took over, at least for me, and I backed out.

And although I didn’t expect it and did NOT understand it, Joanie was pretty understanding about it.

“It’s Ok! It’s not your game!”

But the subconscious drives us, my friend, and so it was driving her to acquire a docile SLAVE – a slave she had hooked from that FIRST NIGHT I added her – and she knew it, of course.

It was just a matter of REELING the fish in, and as I begged her the next day to buy her a pair of shoes, the cat was out of the bag.

I couldn’t take it any longer! I had been wanting to tell her for so long, and I finally did.

“Madam, you have such beautiful feet! Madam, your feet are the most beautiful in Southern China. I’m so lucky to be talking to you!”

I still remember those exact words, all these years later, and it STILL gives me a massive hard on. Joanie’s eyes, her FEET, her soles, her asshole, even her farts, Madam, I remember it all!

“Madam, is your foot size 36? Or 34?”

“Why? You buying me shoes?” she promptly asked, and NO lady has ever been this direct about as Princess Joanie has!

And later that night, I chose some shoes for her, a collection – various prices etc, and sent it to her.

Her response?

“It’s autumn now! Why are you buying shoes for summer?”

The “boy” was left unsaid, but …!

Come to think of it, she was right. I was buying based upon my own choice for those sexy legs and Goddess like feet, but Goddess had other, more sensible ideas!

And then …

“I don’t want shoes”, she said abruptly.

“But Madam!”… I said, fearful I had upset her.

“Madam, I’m so sorry! Madam, please allow me permission to search for more shoes for you … Madam…”

She cut me off.

“I want a dress!”

And here, I asked her if it was a long dress or short – fervently hoping it was the LATTER. For what it’s worth, Chinese girls love long dresses, but I for obvious reasons don’t, …

And …


“But Madam”, I said, attempting to salvage the situation. “I want to buy you a gift, Madam, I … “

And a few minutes of online groveling went on while she IGNORED me.

And finally.

“Then buy me a dress!”

And then …crickets.

And that was said so powerfully that even though they’re just words, calling them mere words will NOT do justice to them!

I still get a hard on every time I think about it all those years later, and though the selection of dresses she sent was out of my means at the time, I took the plunge – committed – trusted – and bought it – and the rest as they say is HISTORY – truly so – detailed in the upcoming book soon.

Princess Joanie is the ONLY one to whom TWO different books have been detailed (I don’t mean a book and then a Sequel). I mean Humiliation Central (she was a natural at that) – – and Cuck central (again, she’s a natural!) … and then now the Princess Joanie book, which is a book as of now, but will likely also extend to a Sequel the way I see it.

So it’ll end up being three books, hehe.

You’ll want to be on the outlook for that … and as for now?

Well, if what I said whets your appetite – then go ahead and browse our collection of Chinese femdom right here my friend – –

Princess Joanie will be out soon – I’ll keep you posted!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can grab Cuck Central – an immensely popular book – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

P.S #2 – And for as actual cuckold EXPERIENCES – here is where you can grab a compilation on those – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuckold-compilations/

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