She ruthlessly SHOT down all my selections!

In the tagline of the recently released book “Princess Joanie”, it says “She TRULY IS the one ..” … and for good reason!

While there have been many ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to either be with or serve … Princess Joanie was a touch apart, and the main reason was this – she, more so than any others was so much of a natural at both femdom and FINDOM that it shone through as naturally as sunlight on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer on Hainan Island.

Hainan, I believe it was when I went on a “holiday” with Princess Joanie … or should I say she went on holiday, and I was serving her pretty much 24/7, non stop, in some of the most “cruel” (yet delightful!) and INGENIOUS ways possible.

And today, I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane to when I was buying a pair of shoes for the Princess, or begging to buy her a pair of shoes I should say, and this before I even ever met her!

Enjoy – and remember, as I said on my Twitter …

True femdom – and FINDOM, especially is about you as the male sub pandering to and PROVIDING for her true wants, whims and desires at the drop of a hat, shoe, or lovely FOOT – with no backchat and “why’s or wherefores!”

That’s just the way it is, my friend, and that’s the way it should be!

So as my trembling fingers made it to Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, I chose shoes for her.

Many shoes, in fact, and I think I had about 15 or so screen shots for her to choose from when it was all done, all varying price ranges and style.

Sandals. Flip flops (my favorite and what I’d hoped she would choose!). High heels. Boots. Open toed shoes …

… and a lot, lot more.

And I sent those screen shots over to her.

I was FERVENTLY hoping that … but it didn’t happen.

Instead, here is what she said.

“ I don’t like any of these! Choose more, boy!”

No “boy”, of course, but you get my drift. This is in SHARP contrast to the other ladies I’ve had the privilege of serving.

Even the lovely Sophia Bai, and Ms. Priyanka, two of the MOST dominant ladies I’ve been with have NOT been this direct – and that’s probably why Princess Joanie is at the TOP of the femdom HEAP (and it’s quite an illustrious heap too!) – and probably why I’ve got TWO books already dedicated to her (as y’all know, Cuck Central and Humiliation Central both feature the Princess on the cover, for obvious reasons!).

Madam Andy, another dominant force of nature I’ve written about also made me buy her a pair of shoes the first time I SPOKE to her – more on that later, but even she wasn’t that dominant. Excepting for Joyce (truly the ultimate Queen – who I’ll be writing a book on very soon!) and Princess Jojo (those of you on my email list know her!) … I have never once met a lady just as dominant as Princess Joanie, and I still after all these years get a massive hard on just thinking about that face.

That oval face, those lovely luminous, intelligent yet cunning EYES, that look in the eye, that overall demanor, that OVERPOWERING vibe … femdom vibe coming from her … boy oh boy, it has the potential to bring the strongest man to his knees, and damn quick at that!

I chose more, and then sent the screen shots over.


“Madam, please …” I requested. “Madam, you’re such a Queen. These will look good on you, Princess…”

“You’re buying me summer shoes! It’s autumn now!”

And she was right, of course. I suddenly realized what I have now made into a CARDINAL rule – that being, it’s always about her – not you!

Sure, I knew this before too, but I was still LEARNING – actually, I still am. Hehe. Every lady is a new experience, but I really didn’t think she’d pass up on the shoes from a grovelling admirer, but she did.

But sometimes, you have to make him grovel further!

She had her fish HOOKED from the word go … now it was a matter of making said fish THROB in agony before finally, and once for all HOOKING him …

(pun intended!)

Anyway, true findom as I posted recently on my Twitter account is not about you buying her what you want, or choose.

It’s about you fulfilling her needs and desires as and when she likes, desires, and wants them fulfilled – with scant regard for yours!

I didn’t understand the meaning of that fully back then, but I do NOW.

And as I attempted to cajole her into buying, a statement came out of the blue.

One that I will always remember. ONE FOR THE AGES, as it were!

One that gets me hard EVERY TIME I just think about the words, except they aren’t mere words on paper or smartphone screen!

They are what Princess Joanie is at the core – a domineering, sadistic, cruel (in a good way) FINDOM expert – and BORN femdom EXPERT – more so than Chinese ladies in general (and if you’re a Watson fan, you know that’s something, hehe).

“Madam I really want to buy you something. Madam, it’s such a honor”

“Madam, I kneel before your perfect self, and kiss your feet humbly requesting permission” (and by the English you can see just how HOOKED I was – not to mention saying all this to a young girl I had not even met, a girl that was literally toying with me, using me as nothing but her PLAYTHING …)

“Madam..Madam, please”

I continued to grovel, and then it came.

“Then buy me a dress!”

And actually, before that happened, she said she wanted a dress, and I made that cardinal mistake again, of trying to force my own desires upon her.

She wanted a long dress as most Chinese girls do, and for obvious reasons I wanted to buy her a short one – as I did Madam Pearl – can we say for NIGH obvious reasons?

But nothing doing, hehe.

I don’t know why, but Chinese girls love long dresses.

Their traditional female attire is the Qi Pao, which features their legs in all it’s glory as there is a slit all the way up to the thigh (Cheongsam, I believe if it isn’t Qi Pao, but the versions of Qi Pao I’ve seen are short), but MOST girls I’ve met in the mainland seem to prefer long, flowing, Victorian era dresses as gifts.

I have no idea why, or actually I do. The grass is always GREENER on the other side, heh.

I “vainly” attempted to get her back to shoes.


“Madam, I really want to buy you something” , I said, feeling despondent.

And then she said it, the statement for the ages.

“Then buy me a dress!”

And nothing else after that.

Did I agree? Well …!

She sent me a couple of links to the stores she preferred.

“Choose what you like, but I like the white one the best!” And she almost said that as a warning, hehe – – as if to say I was free to choose, but only choose what SHE liked!

A true, true lesson in findom and though the dress was out of my means for the nonce, I took the plunge, and BOUGHT it – and rarely, if ever, have I made such a “rewarding” decision and I don’t just mean money!

And back to the present – that was one of the most powerful and POIGNANT trips down memory lane for me – one that has stuck with me ever since.

And one that I’ve included in Princess Joanie, of course, with many others – and a true explanation and recantation of “how it all came about”.

If you like this sort of thing – and if this is your cup of tea, so to speak – well – you’ll want to get the book NOW, my friend!

And that’s that for today’s email. Back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Along with my latest offering mentioned above, (no pun intended hehe) – make sure to pick up a few more books too at the following link – –


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