“Get to work, boy – stop eating my head!”

So, a while ago I wrote a post about her ordering you OUT – – in a state of sheer and GENUINE annoyance, as well as the knowledge that you’re nothing but the dirt beneath her royal feet – a post that was received very well indeed.

(and something that was said for good reason – slaves don’t backchat – or not do what they’re told, or else!)

Slaves exist to SERVE – and OBEY, and on that note, I was reminded of yet another imperious Pakistani GODDESS I once saw on T.V … when my S.O. today made a remark while we were eating lunch – – that she had cooked – – an awesome lunch if I might say so!

And while we ate, I made a comment in passing.

“Am I overeating, Madam”, I asked.

“Don’t eat my head!” was the response (and this is translated from Asia speak to English if you get my drift hehe. It basically means not to annoy someone …).

“Finish your food!”

And on BOTH occasions, she didn’t say “boy”, but she might as well have – and though the remark was made in passing and HAD NOTHING AT ALL – I repeat, NOTHING at all – do with conscious femdom, subconsciously, the VIBE was something else altogether, and the same as …

… You got it – the Pakistani actress on T.V. – – a young and gorgeous woman getting her feet massaged by a SERVANT – – a middle aged female maid – – a clip widely available on the Internet by the way, and well worth a look for you foot fetish and femdom fans alike.

The maid had the temerity to back chat at some point, and though Madam was years younger, she put her in her place -QUICKLY!

Reader of “Serving an Indian Goddess” will feel a sense of déjà vu as I write the following words so here goes – –

“Sir mat kha! Per DABA!”

That’s Hindi for you folks out there that don’t “get it”, hehe. I didn’t a lot of times with Ms. Priyanka, and along with a few whacks to the head, THESE words stuck in my mind, hehe – – and still do.

Whack to the BACK of the head … !

And it rings so true if you’re a true femdom lover!

Madam doesn’t need to be happy when talking to you, or even satisfied. And even the latter is true, well, it’s her duty and PRIVELEGE to remain unsatisfied and demand more and more – – and the reverse is true for the male submissive.

And when accomplished by the right vibe … oh BOY!

That annoyance, coming straight from the heart … KNOWING, and subconsciously so that you’re LESS than the dirt beneath her feet – – and there is NO better feeling than knowing just that as a true male submissive!

Do you agree?

Let me know – – and on that note, I’m out – – I’ll be back soon!

Mike Watson

P.S. – Madam Jojo would be another lady to bring up at this point – but the lady that TRULY encapsulates ALL of the above traits, and MORE – – is Princess Joanie – – her of the most beautiful feet in Southern China, but more importantly MIND. And here is a book dedicated to just HER, and HER alone – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

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