Paye Lagu, Perfect Goddess Milly! You’re the epitome of findom,and you truly know a man’s place is BENEATH your lovely feet, meant only to SERVE!

And you – and all the other ladies that do findom so expertly is why I LOVE findom so much!

Ladies that KNOW a man’s place is beneath their feet – their dusty soles caked with dust, and that men exist for one and one purpose alone (unless they’re a stud, but thats a different thing, but even then!;)).

In India, they have a saying (well, the men do) – which I do NOT agree with, and which Ms. Priyanka for one took great pleasure in reminding me of on a damn near daily basis.

With lots of smacks to the back of my head as I knelt in front of her while she reclined, either on the bed or in a nice comfy chair with her feet in hot water (which I had to change every often!)

“Aurat Mard ke Pero ki Jooti Hoti hai”

Now, I’ve written about this before. The literal translation is “A woman is nothing but the SHOE under a man’s foot“.

A highly derogatory term, I’d say.

And for me it’s the opposite.

I think, feel, and believe, that MEN exist as nothing but things to be used, abused and USED AGAIN!!

A man is truly nothing but the DIRT under a woman’s shoes! And his purpose (most men, at least??) 

To give you ladies MONEY. And a lot of it!

And once that money stops, so stops the interest!

Pay to PLAY …. BOY! And it’s just that simple.

And right now, the only thing I want is to be under Madam Milly’s feet.

Her beady knowing and CUNNING eyes staring a hole into me … and that voice, that lovely voice, as I’m on my knees in front of her!

Paye Lagu, Madam Milly! You’re so nice! You’re so PERFECT!

On my knees, in front of her, preferably with a dildo in my ass. OR a dick. OR something. Yours truly sissified and cucked RARELY if ever has an ass “free of anything” in it, and thats a lesson for all you budding sissies and cucks. Always have something in there, boy!

Remember, your purpose in life is to be used, abused, and FUCKED!

Preferably naked in front of her as she slams me one to the balls, while herself fully dressed, and in perfect MAKE UP!

(On that note, Perfect Princess – or sorry, Goddess 7 was saying something about not having money to buy makeup, but she’ making me salivate and literally BEG TO BUY it for her! And this sissy is leaking as she types!)

Naked and crawling, with leash on my neck, and my credit cards in her lovely sexy beautiful hands which look even sexier when she’s spending my money – on HERSELF and herself alone, and I keep funding it like an IDIOT!

Thats the crux of it.

Like an IDIOT!

And thats yet another reason I love findom so much. It’s humilating, and I love it!

Anyway …

So Perfect Madam Milly added me out of the blue on WeChat, I believe.

Nothing out of the ordinary, I hear you say.

No. It isn’t, not for me, when you’re attracting more femdom to you than you can handle, willy nilly, left right and center on a damn near DAILY basis, if not hourly!

And she owned a WeChat group which sold TaoBao (china’s premier shopping app) coupons.

And she either sold those to foreigners, or got them to use it, and either way, the more they used them, the more benefit SHE GOT!

Unfortunately what Madam didnt know is I already had those coupons (and the system) myself under a different ID, so I didnt need what she was offering.

And until she knew that, she was friendly enough to me.

I kept complimenting her on her WeChat photos etc, because let’s face it. She’s a selfish Goddess, and I love it. Women should be selfish when it comes to men!

As I write this, HER eyes, HER face is constantly at the forefront of my mind, much like Goddess “Simi” last night. I don’t know why!

Maybe because I thought I’d write this “the next morning” last night as I went to sleep.

And of course, my Word crashed as soon as I tried to write this AS SOON as I woke up this morning!

Such is life my friend.

I installe dOpen Office and am writing this on this now, but anyway, thats the spell she wove over me, but wait. I haven’t gotten to it tas yet!

“Madam, you’re such a Queen!”

“Madam, you look so gorgeous!”

“Goddess, I love that nailpolish on you!”

And she’d always reply with a cool smile. Not much else. That way they ignore you! Oh boy! I love it so much, Madam! JI! Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! You’re SO NICE! Thank you SO MUCH!

Anyway, after a few days (and this was years ago, but I still remember Madam), she asked me about the coupons.

Of course.

Money, boy!

And once she learned I had no need of them, it was like the switch was turned OFF abruptly.

And she blocked her moments to me (which were open of course before then just to tiltilate! ;-)).

“Madam, but why did you block me”, I asked.

“No why, boy!”

And she said boy!

“You didnt give me money! So … bye bye!”

So regal, so perfect!

And she didnt even give me a chance to apologise and BUY her something! I mean, I had no idea she had that WeChat group until she TOLD me, so …

Maybe thats the only area where she was wrong. Maybe! 😉

And on that note, I remember another lady “Mei Li” (English name “Milly”) who I remember right now along with that strident voice of hers, and she never really liked me in the first place.

She was an English teacher, and she didnt like paying those that worked for her.

I never did.

But she pestered me up and down once to do it, and I finally relented, and did it.

The deal was I’d get paid after class, and that would be the end of it.

So I did the class.

And then after class I looked for her.

Of course, much like with Madam Vicky (who is a nicer version of the above! 😉 And I’ve written about those lovely HIGH HEELS BEFORE!) she was NOWHERE to be found!

I opened a door or two, and finally found her.

She looked up with a mixture of annoyance and irritation and SURPRISE.

How dare He, was the vibe!

Paye Lagu, Madam, I’m so so sorry! I wish I could grab your ankles, prostrate myself at your SHOES while you spit on me … and unfortunately or not, I didnt do it back then! 😉

“Michael! How dare you open the door! Can’t you see I’m busy!”


And she wasn’t “Busy”.

But of course she was, boy!

She didnt want to pay me. She didnt want to do it then for sure! And she’ right!

I should be paying her for the privelege of even BEING IN FRONT OF HER!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! You make it so so worth it!

I SO LOVE FINDOM, and there endeth this rather long post!

If you enjoyed this, be sure to pick up Volume 1 of Submissive Musings (The admirable and lovely, redoubtable Madam Pearl), and how she used me – right HERE!


Mike Watson

PS – In Chinese, “Mei Mei” means young sister. Maybe my name shouldn’t be Rose after all. Maybe with my tiny (not really, hehe) cucked dick and my preferences, I should be “little sister!” Mei Mei Michael! Mai my lovely Indian maid!

And YES, you will LOVE reading about how Madam Suvi, yet another oh so perfect gorgegous CHINES ELADY from the mainland not only dominated me from day one, but used my sissified self to HER benefit. Read right HERE!

PS #2 – Chinese ladies from the mainland are uber dominant, and oh so perfect. Learn how to attract them into your life effortlessly via this course (pathbreaking, I promise!) right HERE. But a word of caution. As they say, be careful what you want,, hehe. You might just get it and then some! BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS – ladies reading this, I’m about to go grovel in front of Goddess 7 and BEG HER TO allow me to buy her at least a pair of shoes, if not her entire make up kit! If there is anything else I should buy, please tell me! Princess Joanie wanted a long dress … as you know! 😉

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