Sissy Cum Dump

This morning I woke up after a dream – an incredibly vivid dream … one so vivid that I can still TASTE the cum, almost as if the experience had literally happened!

I’m not a stranger to vivid dreams, of course! I’ve written about having “wet dreams” before which are usually accompanied by very vivid and sexy imagery … and I’ve written about having very vivid dreams with regard to NON SEXUAL issues … dreams that have helped me solve VEXING problems – dreams where I’ve literally met people and known names (and predicted events) weeks, or even months before they occurred …

And in today’s (or last night, should I say?) dream a large black dick was pointing straight at me – – ABOVE me, as it were, and I could see the smooth black sword, and the glistening SHAFT … it was one of those big, thick dicks that was “probably as thick as my wrist” (not really, but you get the drift, hehe).

And of course the balls, and his perennial area, and he was cumming – – straight into my mouth – – thick,GOOEY loads .. much as I came in the lady’s hand all those years ago, and much as I cum TODAY, almost on command, when my Madam fingers me – – ah, but that’s a different issue … but is it?

As he was orgasming, he moaned in that deep, sexy, MANLY voice …

“Ah, you like that, boy?!” (I don’t know why this line stuck in my mind. Perhaps because he raped me – – sissy style – before pulling out – – as he DESERVES??)

“Ahhh” … and as the guttural sounds of sheer carnal pleasure rang out in my ears, the dick spasming, the balls emptying into my waiting mouth and TONGUE … I saw the colors pink and white … and I don’t think I need to tell you what those colors meant.

But wait. There is more.

As he came, I inserted a finger very gently up his ass, and massaged his P spot – and he just kept cumming!

It was literally like Niagara Falls, and the cum just wouldn’t stop … I can STILL TASTE THE BLEACH!

I literally had turned into a cum dump … and this experience, while it may sound like a fantasy might well have been more real than I thought.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s a well known fact, at least for me, that if you have a problem to solve, or a task you want to set your mind to – – then you FOCUS on this task before lopping off to sleep.

And since our first thoughts before going to bed and upon arising are usually what we want MOST (in order!) – – well – – it was no surprise that sucking cock and sissygasms were on my mind last night … and hence this most vivid experience in my dreams tonight!

The subconscious mind is indeed a very wonderful thing!

And as for the experience having been “more real than I thought” ?

Well, in “Think and Grow Rich”, the incomparable Napoleon Hill mentions his “Invisible Counselors” technique wherein he’s chair over a meeting in which were present luminaries of the time of his choice – – such as Edison, Ford, and other HIGH achievers in life, to which Hill would present a problem that he was facing in real life.

Hill often claimed that these meetings, while obviously a figment of his imagination were more real than he “thought” , and that they often helped him solve problems he couldn’t in the conscious state, and I agree – I’ve had the same experience myself!

One night, Edison visited Hill in a dream and spoke to him about “units of life”. The dream was so – or FELT- so real that Hill visited Edison the other day and told him about it, and what did the great man say?

“Your dream was more of a reality than you imagined”, Edison responded with a broad smile, and as I sit here, writing to you, the taste of bleach overpowering the tea I’m drinking – – I AGREE!

And while I don’t know the man in the dream – – who knows – – I may in the weeks to come, if Princess Tina allows (or if she knows him, hehe).

In Meeting Ms. Chen, I wrote about Kendrick, and his big black cock – – and THAT experience was far “closer to home” than a lot of you might think. Ditto for what I mentioned about Madam Wendy wanting to take me to a gay bar (I’m not sure if that is in Sin City as yet – – but I’ll check!).

And while the cum and the taste – – and GARGLING it – – and holding it in my mouth was definitely the highlight of the dream, so was the POV.

That big dick pointing upwards, shooting massive, continuous loads in my mouth, the pleasure literally unbearable as I massage the P spot expertly and gently  — the thick shaft, the balls emptying, all “above” me … as I kneel, a ready, willing cum dump …

THAT is another high point of the dream, and on that very “poignant” note, it’s adios for now, hehe. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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