“What can I learn in 10 minutes that will be useful the rest of my life?”

That was a question that showed up in my Inbox – from one of these “question and answer” sites I do not even remember signing up for!

Some guy answered, and the teaser was “When I was 15, chatting with female bestie at night, she sent me information that “…

I never read any further!

But I gotta tell YOU This – BESTIE!

It’s so nice!

Madam JANET, her of the “you wierd foot freaks!” comments “those weird toe suckers” and such … called me that.

Sophia ma’am, of course!

“We’re married. So, we can be SOULMATES!” 

That first day, she said it with such finality, I’d turn into a sissy even if I wasn’t!


They all are.. and I’ve been a bestie, soulmate – and indeed, as a certain Ann once told me “NO SEX!” for so many girls!

In the case of Ann (in Serving Ann), her last boyfriend would want too much of it, wake her up in the middle of the night, pry Ma’am’s legs open.


For me, I just did what I did with Carol, press her feet when I woke up, which was often, and when she did, and I was sleeping, she’d shake me awake rudely, and make me rub her feet till SHE SLEPT.


What if you cleaning, boy, and your balls are hanging while you do“, once she wickedly asked me, while brandisHING that CROP!


What a whack Maam delivered to the BASE, SEAT of my SISSY BOLLOCKS!

I can still remember it, the “flyswat” technique I teach you in Ballbusting 101. 


It keeps coming out as 1010 instead of 101?

0 – ass?

Hehe. Anyway … I thought about that for th esum total of maybe 1 minute when creating the book, left the title as is.

There is a reason, but anyway, learn in 10 minutes?

I dont know, Ill tell you three things!

First, when I was like … I think 11 or so, had my first orgasm – to FEET !

A pair of sleeping feet, soles in my lap, so NICE, so sexy!

I’m not going to reveal what happened further, but it was late at night, it was a HOT summer night, and I just kept licking the soles, and I came – for the first time!

I still remember, it probably took around 8-10 minutes, I still remember the way the “fluid” kept rising, wondering what it was “down there”, then when I came, it was pleasurable, but nothing like NOW, and I kept wondering – what happened! 

The first orgasm – 10 minutes.

Second, when I was with THAT lady in the Southern US who wanted me to go to  counseling, I never did.

The few times we tried having sex, it just wouldn’t get hard!

I remember a particularly TOUGH 10 minute session when we (with special condoms we bought!) – tried, tried, tried – and it just wouldn’t get hard, when it did, it slipped out!

Circa perfect Madam Ashley

She got irritated – they both did – left.

“because you do nothing!”


(a certain troll once messaged me with those words, “you do F all” while getting jealous over the number of women I’ve been with. Hehe).

(that was a certain Glyn Bozo, same guy I outed here if I recall right!)

(he’s truly the LOSER of the century, we all know, so enough on that!)

Anyway, years later, when I finally had real man sex?

Well, I still didnt want it?

But I incorporated play into it, and of course – then I stayed harder than a rock, and bigger than many of teh cocks you see out there!

But of course, as soon as I was in her – I came. Didnt take more than a second, I believe!

And the 10 minutes I did hump her, I was humping her pubic hair, not “in her”. 


I’d so like to crunch Master’s pubic hair in my lunch, by the way. That DENSE THATCH at the base of his lovely BLACK DONG, it’s so, NICE!

Black hair is just different, SPRINGY PUBES Like I say, that, with Perfect Mistress Krystal’s toenails, so NICE!

(I so love being a Bozo like Monkey teaching English in China, not because of the idiotic job and even stupider pay, but the GIRLS! Hehe.

As Maria told me.

“You just like girls!” 

yes Ma’am! You are so RIGHT! I DO!)

And all these 10 minutes, this is what I learnt – simple.

Two things.

Feet and cock, boy, feet and … COCK!

I’m leaking writing it. Honestly!

And of course, when it comes to women, the more dominant and bratty the better, and I’ll never be anything but their SOULMATE and SERVANT FOR LIFE!

Ma’am, you’re so NICE!


Paye LAgu, Memsahib JI – so WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

PS – You, footboy, owe it to yourself to pick up Cuckold compilations and Sissygasm Central NOW – no more mucking around! YOU know you want it. So just do it…

(I know, the tales and experiences above, all so true for you sissies!)

(No-one talks about it, so I do).

And you love it!

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