My husband is my servant!

So, I’ve mentioned the story of a certain Venus in this newsletter – – and indeed, also in Sin City – Diaries – Volume #2, and as I sit here, talking to her, I feel compelled to share some more details on her with you!

We were talking about some money she had recently “borrowed” from her workplace – – without her boss knowing, of course. Hehe. Chinese ladies are nothing if not smart – – hey – – as I’ve said before – – the MONEY is what matters, boy!

And I asked her if she had returned it.

“Venus, did you return the money you borrowed!”

“Yes”, she answered.

“Wow, so quickly!” I replied. And then … “Yes, I’m sure you did, but HOW is the question. How, Venus?”

And it was a large sum of money, hence my question, and pat came the response.

“Oh, my husband gave it to me!”

“Figured”, I laughed. “And its best you “borrow” – if I can say that – from him – since he’s your servant – you don’t have to return it anyway!”

She replied with a “facepalm” smiley on Wechat, but the point stands.

A while or so ago, we were having a discussion about housework – sex – and everything in general.

Now, you will recall that Venus wasn’t too keen on giving blowjobs – if at all, hehe. As she told me so many times, “No, I’m NOT going to do that!”

Of course, when it was her time to get head? She’d gladly lie on her back and get it … hehe.

It’s all about her, and her having her cake – and eating it too – and back to the servant part, you ask?

Well, this lady was married when she met me – – and when the events that I’ve written about transpired – – and she very coolly also told me that (just like the imperious and one and ONLY Madam Suvi told me a few years back) – – that she NEVER cooked and cleaned.

“That’s my husband’s job!” , she confidently proclaimed.

“UH, ok …”

“You know, Michael, I was about to visit you again last night. I asked my husband to drive me to a bar near your place, and …”

“He actually did that??” I queried, amazed.

“Of course”, she giggled. “He doesn’t know about you, but he’s my servant and driver. Hes my cook as well!”

And she said this, of course as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

And in terms of money?

“Woman is a practical creature, boy!”

I still remember the words ringing out as I was returning from a “class” (something as I’ve said I absolutely DETEST doing, but do on occasion anyway – – or used to in the past, at least) ..

“What do you mean, Venus”, I asked patiently. We had not seen each other for a while at that point, and …

“No money, no date!”

And then. . .

“I want to see you, but … NOT at your apartment, and not outside in the park either (which is where we met the first time – – another very long story, and one for another time!)”

“Money is the most important thing”, she finished off, eyes GLEAMING.

Ah, that GLEAM – – that KNOWING look in the eye – – the hook – – and ALL of it is what makes female dominance such a turn on – – at least for me!

IT’s never about her looks, or her physique, or “if she’s fat”, or anything like that. It’s always about the mind – – I’ve said that a bazillion times, and it bears REPEATING – ad infinitum – – and then some!

So that is the update for now. I’ll be back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And why am I telling you all this? To give you a sneak peek into the mind of a Chinese lady, and also to tell you, yet AGAIN – that if you’re interested in female dominance, then mainland China is THE place to be. And the first thing you can do in that regard is to start understanding how her MIND works – – and I’ve put together just the course for you to do so. Grab it right NOW, my friend – –

P.S #2 – By the way, Sin City Diaries – Volume #3 is finally OUT – grab it right here – –

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