Ma’am, Can I PLEASE comb your hair?

Well, thats a new one!

“Ma’am, can I please press your feet!”

“Ma’am, could you kick me in the balls!”

“Ma’am, please take my MONEY!”

And so forth. Now, I’ve written about the lovely Marjorie Taylor Greene before- say what you will about her politics, I’ve always found her to be HOT – a hot older lady! 


And I’ve written about her before, those arms of hers for one, so nice, but the general “cat like” vibe she emanates. Some call Madam a vixen. Maybe she is. Mistress Vixen of the UK, if you’re reading this – well those are always the most interesting ladies around, at least in thought! (and sometimes deed too, haha).

Looking at her in the picture … my loins shook as usual but the arms weren’t visible, the vibe wasn’t THAT … well, “dense” if I might say so, and though the lips are lovely…

.. and then , BAM!

I got it!

She’s got that lovely blonde long hair like a certain “Emily” I know did.

And women love their hair combed for them, attention being paid to it, and I’d gladly stand behind her for hours holding her make up kit – which unfortunately an undearage maid was maid – no pun- to do in the subcontinent.

Horrible, those stories of child labor, yet, it happens.

Ma’am and me are definitely all overage! Hehe.

And I’d so lovely – love – to comb that long hair for her!

Thank you Ma’am!

And thats that



PS – It’s such an honor to domestic chores for ladies! And, to make it as obsequious as possible, and mirroring real life in certain parts of the world (the REALITY is what makes it real and really exciting, as in my books “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license – NOT the other way around).

Such as, not just bringing her cold water, but doing it on a TRAY ..


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