When Pooja Memsahib Ji’s ROSEBUD, her SHRINE, that PERFECTION – her all knowing THIRD EYE- SPAT out a kidney bean in my all knowing LEFT EYE!


I can hear Ms Priyanka smacks to the back of my head for even daring to praise any women more than HERSELF!

I can hear the THWACK in my iced balls as Garima Madam does the same!

Thats a great game to play, isnt it, boy?

Whose the best, boy?

Mirror, mirror, whose the best?

And you, the cuck and footboy loses always, hehe. As you should!

But there was never truly a regal and more imperious force of nature than Pooja Memsahib .. JI! and it is NO coincidence, which Idont believe in them anyway – that some of the most graphic femdom books – well, SHE stars in’em, and there’s little else than the indignities she heaped upon her pathetic, hapless CUCK.

And it goes beyond cuckoldry, foot worship and humiliation.

Except for Princess Joanie, and I’ve often called Pooja the older equivalent, NO woman has been this openly BRASH and devious and perfectly DOMINANT!

The former is Chinese, the latter Indian.

Both Asian!

Anyway . . .

As I was worshipping her poo, and you on this list and reader of the two books KNOW that I was tasked with cleaning her ass after she went, and that THAT was minor in comparison to what followed, and that she often excreted UNDIGESTED food as we all do, but so perfectly formed, that, well!

This is the book that truly TESTS THE LIMITS my friend. 

And scat fetishists, you’ll be disappointed to know there was no mess.

I had cleaned her up mostly.

But that asshole “spat” at me, one last bit, ONE LAST KIDNEY bean!

It looked cooked, but not digested, but it stank, of course, and it hit me SQUARE in the left eye.

It made a “puk” sound!

Much like Sophia Madam’s last “GUSH of poo” which occured when I put my finger in when cleaning, but that was messy.

(The sound was different then, obviously)

A “hippo splatter” if any, but I haven’t written much on it except one post.

But that wink, that UNDIGESTED kidney bean, it says it all ,my friend.

She is just the best!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI!



PS – Pick up books on Indian femdom HERE.

PS #2 – To “whet” your appetite for those books, you might want to get the odes to supremely dominant women first – 25 odes to Pooja Memsahib … JI! – and 15 Odes to perfect Madam Susan (I might as well say JI!). 

PPS – Thank you, Pooja Memshaib JI! There is no bigger honor than being allowed to smooch your asshole … and NO bigger honor of course than to do it to any lady, but most of all, Madam Aa Ling’s old mother, those 60 plus year old ASS CHEEKS begging and dominating to be WORSHIPPED!!!!!!

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