“Born to serve, and you know it, boy!”

As I uploaded a meme on to my Instagram account this morning (a must follow for those of you interested in femdom memes, captions etc) – – a thought stuck me.

It was this – – and as I looked at the cover of “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”, and felt that SAME stirring in my loins that I did all those years ago (indeed, as I write this, I still remember Madam’s soft fingers on my nipples – exhorting me to lick her mother’s “cruddy” ass for literally HOURS on end, if you can imagine that!) …I just had to share this thought with you as well.

Anytime I see a woman with her feet up – – or indeed a woman in general with that “look in the eye” – – this very thought flashes across my mind – – most of the time SUBCONSCIOUSLY – – and my knees literally feel weak.

And she knows it, of course.

What does she know?

Well, that YOU, footboy, were born to serve, and that SHE, you little sissy bitch was born to DOMINATE – and be as bratty about it as possible – and if she knows it – and so do you – then believe me, words are NOT necessary, and vibes will do the rest.

A couple of nights ago I was at the convenience store, picking up a few packs of bread, and there were two girls there, wearing face masks as usual (you can thank the COVID-19 for this, of course!).

And all I could see was their eyes, being they had jeans no. No feet, as they were wearing shoes, I believe …

But as that one girl passed me in the narrow aisle (it was so narrow I stepped aside FIRST to let her go) … she looked at me, half slyly, half knowingly …


It was that look, and she confidently made her way down the aisle, making me wait at least five minutes for my turn instead of simply picking up her stuff and then allowing me to do so!

And that same thought struck me THEN – – and it’s striking me NOW – – and that’s why I’m bringing it to you here.

It happened the first time I met Aa Ling – in person.

It struck me when I met the gorgeous Sophia Bai – – online – – and it happened the MINUTE I met Princess Joanie online .. .

“Aren’t you saying too much?” she once asked.

“What Madam”. I queried. I was praising her galore .. and doing so daily … so I wasn’t sure where I went wrong …

“I mean, you’re so polite! Too polite, in face”. Giggle, giggle!!

“Do you like it, Madam?” I asked, shyly (remember, this was after I had praised her lovely feet for about the nth time!)

“I like it very much!”

And so forth, my dear MALE submissive reader – and my dear FEMALE dominant reader(s)!

If you truly have the vibe going – – there is nothing that can stop you from attaining the goal of your dreams – – dominant ladies included!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Many of you have written to me inquiring about Princess Joanie, and while she is currently running a store in Southern China – she is probably still open to accepting footboys, hehe. But beware – you may just get what you want. I sure did – and that’s what prompted me to put out the very best course there is out there on HUMILIATION – – check it out right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

P.S #2 – YES, my instructional courses on femdom are TRULY THE BEST OUT THERE – so if you’re still on the fence – well jump OFF it NOW, my friend. Dive in HEADFIRST – and do so now – I can GUARANTEE – iron clad – that you will NOT be disappointed! If you were born to serve, then do just that – – and start right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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