More on prostrate milking ….

Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago or so, a thought occured to me.

With all the talk about prostrate milking, and “orgasms” (and rightfully so) a thought struck me.

“Aren’t subs having too much fun with this??”

This thought caught me unawares, and is a bit of a glimpse into my rarely seen, but still there, dominant side (although I much prefer the submissive role, there HAVE been times I’ve dommed. As they say, gotta be on the other side yourself to truly do it well yourself – either as a sub – or a Domme/Domina!).

And then I decided to try something.

I figured I’d try milking myself – WITHOUT getting sexually stimulated in the process.

Now, given my submissive tendencies, that is very hard for me — the mere thought of being “penetrated” now makes me rock hard – but I chose a day I was feeling decidely unsexy for this experiment.

I figured I’d still reach orgasm nonetheless. After all, it’s all about physical stimulation mostly, right? And an involuntary final “piss of cum”, if that makes sense.

Right … and wrong. Hehe.

I remember just “plowing in and out” of myself that day – and touching my P-spot – – and soon it happened, but I felt NO sexual pleasure whatsover either during or after the process.

No orgasms reaching up to my chest as I’ve described before – certainly no “spine curling” feelings – and certainly no weak legs either.

Just a bit of a shudder as I achieved release – – and NOT a prostrate orgasm!

Madam Sophia – Sophia Bai herself would have been nigh proud of me that day, hehe.

Experiment #2 – well, that was to see how different it was when I WAS sexually aroused.

And boy was it different when I started thinking sexy thoughts (cock! her feet! etc etc) and played with my nipples just that little bit. Though I had already achieved orgasm a few minutes earlier, remember there is no refractory period when dealing with the prostrate, and soon I started to experience sheer BLISS coursing through my body – literally all the way up into my chest, seemingly making my heart beat even faster than normal.

And then it happened. Oh boy did it happen – that orgasm (still NOT a regular orgasm, mind you!) – that sissy orgasm, if I might say so, hehe – occured, and what an orgasm it was!

I remember lying prone on the bed literally trembling like a “bitch in heat”, if I might say so – and though I  could have gone more – I had literally no energy left at that point, hehe.

This got me to thinking.

If the sub enjoys it too much, isn’t it a case of the sub involuntarily topping from the bottom when Madam – or Sir – milks him?

Unless the Domme / Domina manages to make it a decidely unsexy experience, of course, and the only way that can happen is after numerous milkings, me thinks, all one after the other. And even then it would be tough as the mere presence/thought of the dominant partner entering their nether regions would probably be more than enough for arousal!

Madam Sophia had her sub “scared” enough to make it unsexy while she milked him along with her gorgeous friend Angela, but hey, I must admit – the minute they laughed – even a little – or even looked at me – – it became sexy as heck!

Anyway, this is one of the techniques mentioned in “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE – and have him salivating for MORE” and while what I mentioned in #2 above isn’t a ruined orgasm – #1 is certainly a variant, hehe. Be sure and pick up a copy of this immensely popular manual right here –

And worry not – subs – a common refrain going around seems to be the sub’s inability to achieve a proper erection upon repeated P-orgasms. I can confidently tell you nothing of the sort is true – if anything, it makes you even hornier – and gets you hard MORE often as opposed to less – unless you choose to mentally rewire yourself otherwise, hehe.

And thats that for today. Back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Did I say mentally rewire yourself, subbie? Hell yeah you should – remember your cock is useless, and there’s no point it getting hard anyway when the only orgasms you’ll have are sissy orgasms! Ha, ha, ha. Isn’t it humiliating to stare at your Master’s cock in your face while Mistress milks you, bitch?

Sissy orgasms … ah, yes, Mistress. Oh yes, Mistress, milk me, while I suck Master’s beautiful superior Real Man cock and lick beneath his hot, hairy, God like balls, making sure they’re spotlessly clean …

And if the above gave you a hard on, I don’t blame you, hehe. I’ll stop here – – but for more — pick up a copy of Humiliation Central – – right here – –

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