“May I press your feet, Madam?”

Dear Reader,

So last night, I was chatting with a lady that (yes, again!) added me online seemingly out of the blue.

Now, many people have repeatedly asked me as to “where do you meet all these girls, man??” – – or “where do all these ladies find you?” … or things to that nature.

And as I wake up fresh from a dream where Madam Carol (yes, her of the lovely, soft feet …) of all things was asked to “come on stage” and was completely speechless (don’t ask – still trying to figure that one out myself!) – I figured I’d write to you and talk to you about whats going on in my mind – about Madam – and her feet – except it’s a different one this time!

So as I got to know this lady, from Shenyang province in Northern China, I asked her her age out of curiosity. Not that it matters of course – as you know – age isn’t important in the least bit for me (but it is in mainland China for girls, so … ).

“Madam, how old are you? Or is that a secret?” (giggle, giggle).

“30!” she replied confidently.

“Age isn’t important actually. For a woman the most important thing is her mind … do you agree?”

She “smiled back online” with another one of those oh-so-cute emoticons.

“It’s important sometimes … “she went.

“Well, not for me”, I replied, with a “shy emoticon”.

A pregnant pause, and then a “big grin” emoticon. She knew…!

“We attract those that are similar to ourselves”, she suddenly piped up.

Of course, I couldn’t agree more – but it was interesting she brought that up at the VERY moment I was thinking the same thing. Thoughts DO transmute, my friend – and a moth WILL gravitate to a flame – somehow or the other – even across the world!!

And if you consider that strange think about radio waves that pass through objects. Why can’t thought waves do the same? More on this in Claude Bristol’s “The Magic Of Believing” – highly recommended even if you’re NOT into fetish – but for now, back to the topic.

As we continued chatting, it turned out Madam Di (her name) was taking an online class. So I figured i’d let her be, and wouldn’t disturb her.

“Enjoy your class, Madam!” I said.

Big grin (from her).

“Thank you, Madam!” I suddenly said for no reason. And then … “Don’t forget your foot massage! You need it after a long day!”

Another big grin … and … while the rest of that can be completed later, here’s the point.

Foot massages – done RIGHT – and in the right attitude (not as a precursor to sex necessarily unless she so desires) can be a GREAT way to work up to eventual femdom, my friend.

This is one of the techniques detailed in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” manual – and when I first met the lovely Anne, who I’ve written about before, it didn’t take long at all for me to broach this topic.

The first night we were in bed together, she asked if I’d like a head massage.


She did it for around 5 minutes or so, and it felt great, and we then moved to other things.

The next night – I asked her again.

“Honey, rub my head for a while please…”

“Oh, I’m too tired!” she giggled, with a bit of a smirk.

“Ok …” I replied, my hard on already growing, and she felt it too.

As she asked if I wanted to “make love”, I evaded the question.

“May I press your feet for a while if you’re tired?”

She didn’t answer, surprised. I was the first man that had shown interest in her feet (and legs) so …

But as I moved down to the foot of the bed, and asked her to relax comfortably, I could sense her satisfaction — and that LOOK on her face turned me on so much (although she didnt know it at the time!) – although it was pitch dark, I could sense her relaxing – and I could sense her knowing that she “reeled the fish in” – albeit unconsciously.

Needless to say I was the one rubbing her legs at night for at least half an hour from that day (night) onwards – and also bringing her water in the middle of the night when she woke up – and of course – making her tea in the mornings – – and more!

There’s more on this, but nothing relaxes, and gets a woman to “feel superior” and comfortable as a foot massage done right – – and the more relaxing and obsequious – the better, if that makes sense!

After all, it IS a great way to serve someone – especially if that someone is relaxed comfortably – and you’re working hard per HER – or his, hehe – specifications!

More on this later. For now, it’s adios – and I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The manual on “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” is only for TRUE submissives, my friend. And yes, it isn’t just for those looking for Chinese ladies as a dominant partner, although I DID write it from that standpoint. It’s NOT for those of you using BDSM as an excuse to “get laid” or “find a girlfriend”. It’s for those SERIOUSLY interested in femdom – if that is YOU – grab the manual right NOW – right HERE – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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