Waking Madam Pearl up …

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ve likely read about the imperious and lovely Madam Pearl – a relationship that was one of the most fulfilling of my (many and very fulfilling, hehe) BDSM experiences.

There was a genuine bond there between both of us, and this, my friend is one of the keys to making the relationship last for the long term and also for it to be more FUN.

Lots of people think it’s all about whips, chains, safe words and humiliation (and the right words, hehe).

Couldn’t be farther from the truth, my friend. Couldn’t be farther from the truth!

And as I wake up late this Monday morning (boy do I love my “job”, hehe) – I was reminded of when I first met Madam – and our initial exchanges online.

A lot of that has been detailed in Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume #1, but I’m not sure if I mentioned the part about her ordering me to wake her up – initially online – and then in person!

(By the way, this Volume contains pictures of her gorgeous, broad soles – be sure and check it out!)

“Servant, rub my feet and waist!” , she’d command, sometimes giggling, sometimes just too tired, and I’d dutifully and very happily do so – rock hard all the time of course, hehe.

Her waist what she liked massaged more, actually, and thats another key to making these sort of relationships fulfilling. You ask HER what she wants – how SHE likes being massaged (specifically, her feet – lots of ladies prefer different type of massage) – and that makes it even sexier as opposed to you “telling her”.

And then she’d “make me” wake up early – before her, and wake her up daily.

Sort of like a “loving” alarm clock, hehe.

One of the most interesting things about femdom is how it turns gender roles and expectations on its head.

Traditional thinking holds that the man is the breadwinner, and the woman plays the support role – waking up early – getting breakfast ready – and so forth – while the man goes to work and pays the bills.

In this case, the man was paying the bills – and the man was “supporting” Madam too – and that made it all the more interesting!

I’d wake up before her, and as she woke up, she’d tell me to rub her feet for a while.

What we did during this time depended on our mood.

Sometimes it would just be a foot massage, and she’d go off to take a shower later while I prepared breakfast.

Sometimes she’d talk dirty to me.

“Servant, paint my nails when I wake up! There’s an important meeting, and I want all the men to notice me!”

She had an old man for a boss, and she’d often talk about him too.

“Oh, that old man! He’s so annoying and such a drip! Always looking at me, always trying to touch me … I’m going to get an i-Phone out of him eventually, and you, servant, will help me look sexy so he follow me even more!”

(This last sentence was verbatim – so pardon the English, hehe).

And so forth. Often times she’d drag me into bed and pinch my nipples – take me to the very edge and then not allow release. Other times she’d stick a finger in my ass and massage my prostrate. Didn’t take long at all for me to “piss cum” … and once I did, she’d laughingly remark that she wouldn’t have anything to worry about the rest of the day.

“Now you look at girls, you be horny all day, but can’t do much right now”.

Giggle, giggle, and while that wasn’t entirely accurate as my erection usually reappears after a while even after regular milking, it doesnt appear to be that way for everyone.

Indeed a great way to take your femdom relationship to the next level – and Madam Pearl – and Sophia Bai of course, knew this better than most!

And on that note, it’s adios for now. Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past as much as I did bringing it to you – more again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The next volume of Submissive Musings refers to Madam Sherry, who literally had me wrapped around her little finger as soon as “met” online -read more here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/submissive-musings-volume-2/

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