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Minor issue I know – working on it – but just a heads up as it were!

And now, on to the “topic of the day” as it were, hehe.

Lots of folks confuse the terms “release” and “orgasm” (when it come to males) – and often times erroneously equate one with the other – or the former at least partially with the latter.

The first is not true – and the second is true – sometimes! And what really holds sway here, my friend,  is that if you’re a true male sub – or even aspiring to be one – then you should stay AWAY from regular orgasms as far as possible, or avoid them entirely!

What do I mean?

Well, in order to explain this I need to bring up another thing that many men – submissive or not – complain about not being able to find – that being a female partner.

For whatever reason, approaching a woman (or the reverse) and striking up a conversation, and more seems to be a task for many males out there – and curiously enough although a lot of guys try “all the tricks in the dating manual”, they end up having little or no success at all.

The reverse has been the case for me – especially more so when it comes to Chinese ladies – and this is all the more amazing considering it’s something I’ve never tried to do consciously.

Kick me in the unmentionables for mentioning this YET AGAIN – but I’ll say it – we attract what we think about at a deep, subliminal subconscious level – in other words, what we really, really desire – and we attract that WITHOUT conscious effort!

As the site introduction says, like moths to a flame …

And this attraction is only amplified by energy – specifically, sexual energy – and when we’re talking males, remember that male energy can be harnessed to literally work miracles, my friend.

Old time boxer and wrestlers refrained from ejaculating or even sex for weeks before bouts and there is a darn good reason behind this, my friend.

Many of us that are of a spiritual bent of mind do this as well – and believe you me, the results are incredible – and QUICK.

Napoleon Hill spoke about the power of sexual transmutation in terms of attracting what you really desire in your life in Think and Grow Rich – a book that is well worth a read even if you’re NOT interested in money in any way, shape or form.

And in terms of attracting women – specifically, dominant women?

Ever notice, guys that after an orgasm (even with a dominant women that caters to your kinks) – you fall kind of “flat” for a while?

The same feet and soles that were so appealing, for instance, that you were ready to literally empty your bank account for her no longer feel that alluring after a full blown orgasm.

Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor doesn’t either. And if we are talking going down on her lover to get him hard – well – I doubt that would turn the sub on any after a full blown orgasm!

Males tend to have a “refractory” period after that orgasm unlike females who can experience wave after wave of sexual bliss without seeming to stop …

And the way to “rewire” yourself as a female in that regard of course is key to being a good, compliant, docile and submissive sub at ALL TIMES – and how? Well, via anal play, and if you’ve missed the post on that – read it right here.

Remember that ALL your sexual pleasure as a “female” (or her bitch) should come via anal penetration or oral servitude (both towards her and him) – – and while I’ve written about that before, what about the “release” that males must emit every so often in order to stay healthy?

What about night dreams, which tend to occur if the male doesnt “release” on a regular basis?

Well, ruined orgasms are ONE way to give the male a release WITHOUT most of the satisfaction associated with a real orgasm, and keep him horny as heck.

Prostrate milking though, takes this to a WHOLE different level, my friend. An entirely different level – and when you add in toys, nipple stimulation, and dirty talk (not to mention an actual cock plowing in and out of that ass) – well – lets just say the pleasure is out of this world for the man and as for RELEASE?

You’ll notice you’ll “release” more cum than you ever do – or “piss cum”, for lack of a better descriptor once you get used to anal play – and not only (if you’re truly submissive) will you ever want to go back to regular orgasms – – but you’ll literally feel REFRESHED after every orgasm – AND frustrated, and horny – and ready to continue your servitude to her!

And that, my friend is the perfect example of having your cake and eating it too – both for her – and YOU!

You achieve plenty of release – those balls get emptied on a regular basis – but the t levels stay spiked because the regular orgasm via penile contraction doesn’t occur.

However, as opposed to ruined orgasms, prostrate milking are intensely pleasurable if done right – and there is no better way to rewire a man’s carnal pleasure centers than this method!

You will experience “orgasm” after orgasm like she does – and be the perfect toy for her – and you’ll “release” cum too much like she gets wet – and that, my friend is an experience that you simply must have as a male sub!

So thats the difference between release and “orgasm” – and thats why if you’re a true male sub – you should refrain from having “real man orgasms” – period!

Back again tomorrow – stay kinky!


Mike Watson

P.S. – I have not put out a manual on prostrate orgasms just as yet, but it is in the works – in the meantime – ruined orgasms are a great, greay way to spice up your sex life as well –

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