Yet MORE reasons to get plowed in the ass by real men, sissy!

As if we needed more reasons. Hehe.

I can almost hear the sissies yelling – nah, not yelling “yowling”.

Sissies dont yell, they whimper and cat fight! Hehe.

Anyway … a few recollections, in no particular order.

Femdom wise, the regal Madam Ashley, and she gets a very special mention indeed in “11 Missed Femdom OPPORTUNITIES” for a damn good reason!

(there is a reason I wrote the word “opportunities” in caps – for YOU To learn from!)

I still remember her trying to do cowgirl on me that night, in the middle of the night, lowering herself down on my cock – only to find that what was huge and rock hard and solid the minute before – was a limp noodle, much like the noodle girls tease you with, sissy, with those videos, noodles dangling from mouth! … and of course, the frustration.

“Because You do nothing!” 

And curiously, when she was sucking my nipples, or I was pressing her feet – in the latter case, she’d giggle and push me away – it was always rock solid – BONE SOLID!

That wasn’t her being plowed in the ass, but it could be, of course, in that pose!

Second recollection …

Well, an Indian movie I once saw with the regal Ms. Priyanka!

I dont quite recall the name …

But I DO recall a fight scene, between two martial artists, one the hero of the movie, one a villain, I think.

I remember a scene – ah, just got the name! – thankfully I was focused on more than Madam’s feet, hehe – in a movie “Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi” (Google is your friend) (“Player of all players”) – a potboiler, admittedly, but one I loved – and the male lead is fighting another guy, and they both jump up on pool tables in the stance described above.

Those legs just keep spreading, it was a sight to watch them both “lower” themselves down (in case “Bozo Schofield” is reading this, PLEASE Glyn, its NOT “that” – not everything is sex up the ass!) until the legs are fully spread, supported by the pool tables, and it’s only their upper bodies that can “function in the fight” anymore – much like if they didnt have legs at all.

And they think strike each other.

Blow after blow.

Liver shots, kidney shots … Pure CORE STRENGTH!

And pure “upper core” strength.

My friend into fitness, that stud whose feet I posted the other day (no, Glyn Schofield, despite you being SO obsessed with him, his dick, his feet, he’s NOT into you, and he does all he can to avoid you!!) – hes written a lot on this too!

And he should, that fight was pure core strength (and the core is hardly just the six pack most people think it is).

Anyway, in that scene, I still remember naughtily thinking – what if that were me.

I’ve never been naturally flexible, hehe.

I remember my Taekwondo teacher literally PUSHING me during the groin stretches – almost to the point of tears, where a partner would pry my legs open (before I did his) – no, not what you’re thinking there, this was martial arts training!

But I was great at pushups and other things, although not naturally, I wanted to be!

But anyway, I remember, that unsupported “lowering down” …

Onto a dick, if we’re talking sissies!


Although most of the sissy porn out there, you just see the sissies in comfortable poses lowering themselves down on dick, which is fine, of course.

Sex isnt all about flexibility, or maybe it is. Hehe.

Third recollection, that movie where the “cuck” – looks exactly like Glyn, ate chocolate – literally – out of the stud’s ass (whose not quite in as great shape as my friend, but he’s got a LOVELY drool worthy cock anyway, and a slim sexy waist, and a Filipina girlfriend, the Bozo so likes them! Hehe) …

“whatever you put in ass, goes to whole body”, he cackles, as the cuck eats his ass out – literally – and he’s right, hehe.

In his Ukranian accent, he talks about how Glyn was “Spongejoe Bob” with his balls in Glyn’s mouth, and dick straight on Bozo’s nose. Hehe.

Which of course is how Glyn’s been outed too …

But it’s hilarious, the way the scene was done, and SO SEXY TOO!

I’ve had many sissygasms looking at that cock alone!

Anyway …


In ass.

Spreads through whole body very quick!

And we all know about the benefits of Semen, dont we?

Male seed, my friend – as Madam Priyanka so rightly said in Serving an Indian Goddess – Part II

While talking to her friend Pooja during the infamous and oh so sexy “mooooo” party …

“This produces babies, Pooja!” she was saying, as Pooja Mam was reluctant to let me massage her cracked soles with my semen!

“Give you my semen, boy!” – as Master Wang has often told me (he was never reluctant to let me shine my shoes with it – so sexy, writing this, I feel the familiar URGE building!) 

But anyway, Pooja – she allowed me, and within an hour or so – perfect soles!

Semen retention is practised by yogis with spiritual powers (sort of like me, I’ve been called a seer by many!) – wrestlers and boxers abstain before fights – Napoleon Hill penned an entire chapter on it in Think and Grow Rich i.e the art of sexual transmutation – and yours truly talks about not just bliss, but COSMIC bliss in the book on sissygasms, again, for a damned good reason!

The more the male is DENIED, and the more the lust builds, and orgasms dont occur (not necessarily “release” – that semen is NOT everything in your body – ever notice why far more pumps out, and KEEPS pumping during a sissygasm?) … the MORE the power builds, my friend.

And more your own semen circulates in your body, the more virile stud’s semen does, and through the ass, absorbed quick …

I dont know ..

It’s DIFFERENT, that glow about you, sissy, much like women have the glow after a night of great sex!

I know – even yours truly sissy sometimes has great sex! Hehe.

You dont just look different, you FEEL different, you MOVE different, you feel and look like a billion bucks  … with that SEMEN , male STRENGTH powering through you to greater levels of sissydom.

Perhaps I should put this on the sales page for Sissygasm Central?

I dont know.

But for now, I’m out.

Have a taste – pun intended, and not – of all the books linked above, and more. 

Once you go Spicy and Erotic, you will NEVER GO BACK – pun intended, and not!


Mike Watson

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