“Cook is your job too!”

Dear Reader,

So, as I “recovered” (not really, hehe) yesterday from the multiple and VERY ruined orgasms I had, I was talking to Madam Su.

It wasn’t “that” Su – but another Su I’ve recently met, and going by what she’s mentioned thus far, I seem to be set for the ride of my LIFE if things go well – no puns intended in terms of “ride”!

I think I mentioned one ruined orgasm in yesterday’s post?

Well, a few hours later I had no choice but to give myself another – so “excited” do I get simply by looking at this lovely lady I’m talking to (and no, it’s got nothing to do with skin show – its all about the EYES – the VIBE!) – – and as I did so, it was just as painful as the last one, if not more.

And guess what – – I was hard shortly thereafter!

If you’ve read the subtitle of this post, you likely know – or should know – the “key” to maintaining a fantastic and spicy D/s relationship that benefits BOTH (or all, in some cases) parties concerned – and that being … ah, but you get it – and no puns intended in terms of the “key” either!!

Anyway, I was telling Su that I was cleaning my floor.

“Mop the floor”, she responded with.

“Yours, or mine”? I asked, in as “coy” a manner as I could.

This was met with a giggle, and nothing else.

“I think Madam’s floor needs mopping, too”, I ventured …

“Will you help me?” pat came the response, and despite the overly polite tone, I could tell the VIBE behind it was as strong as it should be … the very same vibe that drew me to this lady in the first place!

“It’s my job, isn’t it, Madam?” I responded, with my own version of “giggling”.

“Cook is your job too!” pat came the response.

Now, I’m sure y’all can see where this might be headed – but the key to all of this, my friends, is this – male orgasm denial.

It brings to mind what Madam Pearl used to do.

She was a lover of seafood, and I’d often be hard at work preparing shrimps (her favorite) and oysters for her for dinner (for us, actually, but she chose the menu, and I cooked!) – and the phone would buzz.

“Servant! I’m coming home! Have water ready to wash my feet!”

And as I scurried to get the water ready – and keep the cooking going – much like a dutiful maid might – I was constantly reminded of my position by an always hard, and often leaking dick – that was rarely, if ever satisfied!

Sure, we didn’t do this 24/7. But what we DID do 24/7 is orgasm denial – and ruined orgasms galore.

I think the only orgasm Pearl gave me in all the months we were together was the first handjob, but after I explained my desires to her, that stopped – and never returned despite all the begging and pleading from my end.

It was ruined orgasms for me most of the time – and PLENTY of orgasms for her – and while that might sound incredible, it’s true – and IT is the reason our D/S relationship proceeded as well as it did.

Give a man a regular orgasm, and you take away his desire to “please”, my friend. More importantly, you take away part of the fire that burneth within.

Napoleon Hill correctly stated in his writings that ALL successful men are highly sexed, and are adpet at the art of sexual transmutation. 

While he obviously didn’t go as far as to state complete abstinence was the key, he DID say that “sowing one’s wild oats” is the reason most men don’t succeed before the age of 40 (along with the other more obvious reasons, of course).

And it’s true, my friend. It’s true. A man’s sexual desire when HARNESSED by the right woman can truly propel that man to great heights of achievement – and submissiveness – and ruined orgasms are the #1 trick to getting this going!

And that’s that for now. If you havent already – check out the manual on ruined orgasms right here – and grab your copy – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is that link again – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/


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