All you’re good for is cooking and cleaning … and buying me things, of course!

Dear Reader,

Well, first off, I must sincerely apologize for the lengthy delay in posting/emailing.

I’ve been busier than a BEE ordered around by its Queen bee over the past month or so relocating back to mainland China, and haven’t had any time at all to write etc – until now that is.

And what I want to talk about today is something I’ve spoken about in the past many a times.

That something being this – that it’s always about the MIND, my friend! It’s her thinking – and your thinking that really count – and get the two of you “humming” as it were (two, or more) as opposed to simple external looks.

I’ve written before about how it makes not an iota of difference to me if the lady I’m worshiping is overweight – or not up to whatever silly standard women are expected to maintain in general.

It’s all about her MIND – and how well she spots – understands – and SWOOPS down on the male submissive pysche – and that look in the eye, of course! 

That look in the eye that can only come from a thorough understanding of BDSM – and how both the dominant and submissive minds work.

Lots of folks have this idea of “oh, its easy! I just have to put my feet up and he’ll come begging!”

Or perhaps – – “All I have to do is say I’ll worship her and kiss her feet!”

Well – not really, my friend … that sort of thing might attract a few idiots, but certainly nothing worthwhile.

I was watching a video today on ruined orgasms (by the way, and in case you didn’t know, there are few, if any, more humiliating frustrating experiences for a man than to be denied orgasm – partially!) – – and boy oh boy, the lady KNEW what she was on about!

Though she looked good, it was nothing spectacular or out of the world – but her WORDS were what really drew me in – and kept my cock hard throughout the entirety of the clip.

Her tone was demeaning and condescending, and she laughed (with genuine mirth) at just the right moments while teasing the heck out of the poor (or should I say lucky!?) dude who was being denied.

As she verbally taunted him about the size of his dicklet, one comment that stood out was this.

Oh well! The only use you are is cooking, cleaning … and of course buying me things! Spending your money on a superior lady like me that you can never really have … and of course, I tell you what to buy! 

Giggle, giggle, and she brought her mouth ever so close to his cock, straining at the bit, but of course didn’t deign to touch it with her lovely lips!

As I looked at her soles, waving casually in the background I came in spurts – without even meaning to. Words, my friend – and THOUGHT is truly what does it, and as I continued watching the video, the lady’s eyes literally seemed to BORE into me – out of the screen as it were – although she obviously doesn’t know me, and I her!

“Thats what  you want, boy! I know it!”

And THAT knowledge – THAT look in the eye – THOSE words, or the vibe behind the unspoken words are what have done it for me all throughout and especially with Chinese ladies, who if anything are even more naturally dominant than the rest of their wonderful brethren …

In fact, so skilful was this lady today that I was literally going Yes Ma’am behind the computer screen – – and if there ever was a better testament to her skill (along with how many times I came) – I don’t know what it is!

So the next time you hear someone say its all about looks – or “BDSM is easy” – well – you’ve just heard them tell you they’re a fool – and completely ignorant of the nuances of REAL BDSM, and what keeps us BDSM lovers coming back for more, and more and MORE!

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll be back shortly with a tale about Madam Annie – a real life “boss” who owns a school – and her male foreign teachers do actually cook, clean, and buy her gifts on a whim!

How did she come into my sphere, you ask? Well, the same way Princess Joanies – or Madam Sophia – or the imperious Madam Carrie – or any of the others did.

We truly do attract what we think about at the deepest LEVELS of our being – it’s just that simple!

Alright, my friend. I’m truly out now, hehe. Back again soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Princess Joanie was another lady who truly DID understand what it was all about. She wouldn’t let me buy what I wanted for her – and instead would order me to buy what she wanted – rightfully so – and usually far more expensive stuff as well! And it’s with good reason SHE is featured on the cover of Cuck Central – a must have for you cuckies out there …

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