Ruined orgasm x 2 …

Dear Reader,

Well, it’s 3:50 P.M. here in Southern China as I write this, and it’s been a heck of a day already!

I had a great, great workout today – got in some writing earlier on during the day – and most importantly, engaged in a lot of MENTAL work that left me feeling on top of the world – a feeling naturally capped off by that “satisfied” feeling you get after a great, great workout!

And all of this was made possible by something I write about often – and often engage in – either solo, or with a lady – – that being RUINED orgasms!

This morning I had a dream – one of the most vivid I had in recent times, and several ladies featured prominently in it – all with that alluring red lipstick, and those lovely, painted fingernails … and while the dream was too detailed and times too convoluted to type out here, it is worth mentioning that the lovely Madam Ashley showed up in my dream, red lips full and inviting …

As I “started a new life” in the dream, I woke up, feeling nigh on top of the world – and with a giant hard on.

And as I started to slip back into “the unconscious” – hoping to rekindle and continue the dream, it happened – or rather, I made it happen.

I thought of worshipping the lovely Ashley’s ass, and sucking cock as she laughing looked on at me – just like the lady did in my LAST post.

“You’re only good for licking ass, boy!”

“Don’t you think he’s got a lovely curved cock? He gets to fuck me … over, and over again …and you, in return, get to suck his balls – and beg to suck that wonderful thing between his legs – multiple times, just like you LOVE it, you little slut!” 

And as these words rang in my mind, my dick was semi hard – and one “jerk” was all it took.

True, I could have jerked a few times and gotten a boner as hard as I ever have, but that would have defeated the entire point!

I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that I never ever actually orgasm – a ruined orgasm is the closest I get, and as cum helplessly dribbled out of my flaccid cock (rapidly softening), this was the truest ruined orgasm I’ve ever gotten – close to being milked, or almost the same.

And that is exactly how a ruined orgasm should be, folks! 

When most folks think of ruined orgasm, they think of stimulating until the first “spurt” and then letting go – thus ensuring that the initial few spurts are pleasurable, but the rest of the orgasm is non existent – and yet, due to that bit of pleasure, that sort of orgasm is a PARTIAL orgasm – or a partially ruined orgasm.

The feeling of sheer “emptiness” mixed in with LUST (in the mind) you get from a true milking cannot be replicated, folks! It takes practice, and I’ve mentioned many a tip on how to get there in the book on ruined orgasms, but yes, it takes practice – and yes – it’s worth every bit of “tease” if I might say so!

4 hours or so later, I was looking at the same lady I mentioned the other day, and my cock sprang to attention – something that probably wouldn’t happened as quickly if I had “truly cum” a few hours ago.

And a few flicks of the nipple were it all took – but I was so hard that THIS time I got in a partially ruined orgasm – no less “satisfying” in many ways though!

And here’s the kicker – after the first ruined orgasm this morning, I had another dream – one of great abundance, and monetary satisfaction, and as the subconscious never lies, I have NO doubt it will come to fruition very shortly indeed!

And after the second one?

Well, you might think I’d be too tired or exhausted to do anything – but I went out and had an intense workout – one of the best in recent times!

Boxers and wrestlers of yore often mention that it’s prudent to refrain from sexual activity before an actual fight to “maintain” the hormone levels and keep ’em hungry, and if you’re talking actual sex and a real orgasm, I’d agree.

But not with ruined orgasms though!

More than the semen leaving the body – it’s a matter of DESIRE leaving the body after a true male orgasm for a set period of time.

The reverse is the case with ruined orgasms – if anything, desire is just HEIGHTENED all that more!

And that’s why ruined orgasms are something I highly, highly recommend not just for you BDSM enthusiasts out there, but also anyone looking to spice up their sex life – and life, as well – in general – either solo or otherwise!

I’ve got no doubt I’ll be getting the third ruined orgasm of my day sometimes later this evening – and if and when I do – I’ll write about it sometimes. And if I break my own personal record of three ruined orgasms  per day – well – I’ll write and let you know as well!

All for now. If you “make out today” – make it spicy, and erotic and something DIFFERENT!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And if you haven’t grabbed the course on ruined orgasms as yet, do so now – pronto – while the going is GOOD –


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