More on Indian (Asian?) Goddesses

Dear Reader,

‘Tis funny, but when we refer to Asia, it’s usually the Far East that most people talk about.

To me, Asia includes the Asian subcontinent – the bulk of which is made up by that mysterious land India …

That land with some of the most gorgeous ladies out there – with some of the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen – and …

But wait a minute. Am I not the guy that’s written about Chinese ladies – them dominant, deliciously dominant ladies from the CHINESE mainland? And now I’m going on about Indian women?

Well, to me it’s about ASIAN women in general. Despite the general stereotype about Asian women being “submissive”  -I’ve found the exact opposite to be true in most cases.

And the general stereotype about Asian women being “more” feminine? Well, I don’t know about the “more” part – but they certainly have a certain very mystical allure to them, if I might say so myself.

It’s the eyes, again. That look in the eyes – – that “style from the East” as it were. That look … I’m not sure how to describe it in its entirety, but femdom enthusiasts will know what I’m talking about here.

That look that sums you up in a GLANCE – a fleeting glance, and if you’re sitting or kneeling at her feet, all the better!

“I own you, boy! I know you know your place is at MY feet – to serve – and pamper me with EVERYTHING I want”.

“You’re mine, you little bitch! And you better acknowledge it right now!”

And so forth.

Over the past few days, for whatever reason, the Indian Goddess I saw the other day in the market has been top of mind for me, along with her friend as well (but in main, it’s the FIRST lady I’m referring to).

I don’t know who she is. I have NO idea how to find her again.

And if you were to ask me about her face – would I recognize her again? Probably.

If you were to ask me about her FEET – would I recognize those lovely feet – even if the toenails were painted differently – or they were shod in different attire?

Probably – nay, most definitely!

Those feet have “burnt” an imprint on my mind – and I have no doubt that at some point in life I’ll be at this Goddess’s feet, respectfully tending to her every need and kissing each toe as I proclaim her true superiority – as it should be! 

Serving her all day … “Pressing her feet” as and when she demands. Doing her laundry. Washing her dishes. Being her bitch, as she shows me off to her friends, and most of all, perhaps, discussing “other men” with her.

And so forth. As it should be!

And if you think that sounds astounding from a “practical” standpoint  – – well, think again, my friend. Everything I’ve done thus far in my life fits the astounding bill, but it’s all happened – and if you live your life the way I do – intuitively and in ACCORDANCE with your true self – or your other self if I might say so, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

This sort of “in the flow” living and thinking has also allowed me to experience femdom related experiences that are the stuff of fantasy for most, and that is precisely why I put out my manual “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland“.

And if you’re amongst the many that are currently UNABLE to find the dominant lady of your dreams regardless of what you do – this would certainly be a great read!

Perhaps I should change the name of that manual to “finding the dominant Asian lady”? Not sure … I’ll leave it as “Chinese” for now – and rightfully so – overall, I’ve found ladies from the Chinese mainland to be far more dominant than ladies ANYWHERE else – at least, thats been  my experience thus far!

Was Mike Watson Chinese in “another life”? Judging by the reactions he gets sometimes from the Chinese, he likely was!

Anyway, thats the esoteric digest for the day. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with the Indian Goddess!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you enjoy emails of this nature, you’ll love my work w.r.t Chinese femdom – accessible right HERE –

P.S. #2 – An oldie, but goodie – the “Garima Madam” series is a great read as well. Grab it right here –

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