The best parts(s) of having a foot fetish!

Dear Reader,

You are all no doubt aware that amongst my various submissive tendencies and fetishes, the foot fetish – – or specifically, my fetish for the female foot (primarily those with a Chinese twist ;)) is uppermost – and for a good reason!

After all, the foot is the lowest part of the body – and literally humbling – or debasing oneself at a woman’s foot – while she enjoys it, well, fantasies aside, can one go any lower? 😉

But there are more benefits to this than you’d imagine.

The first, and most obvious benefit, and of course what most folks would think of is this – feet are readily “accessible” – at least to the naked eye if not “hands”!

Women of all hues, colors, shapes and nationalities LOVE to show off their feet – and the more attention you pay to them (in a non “perverted” manner), the better they usually react.

And who knows – the next woman whose feet you observe – and who gets to know it – might not just enjoy it, but she might giggle back with a few “tart” comments – all in good fun! Haha …

But the real benefit to those, and I’m hard pressed to say if this is more of a benefit for you ladies as it is for us guys (I’ll say it’s a toss up between the two!) is this – if one TRULY has a foot fetish and a submissive side, then virtually ALL ladies become Goddesses – if one looks at it a certain way!

The other day I saw a girl shopping in a busy, crowded market in Asia. It had rained a day ago, and the roads were full of slush – and people hurrying to get groceries before the next rainfall occurred.

Plenty of people, crowds, humidity, and then I saw a couple of  girls walking past on their phones.

Now, to the “non fetish” eye these ladies would look just normal, perhaps “below average”.

But there was something about them I noticed. That “X” factor …and as I looked down on reflex, I saw my (well honed!) intuition as usual was not lying.

One of them had large feet with long painted toes (the toes were painted a shade of alluring silver).

The other had smaller feet, toes painted a shade of pink.

Both wore flip flops, and their heels were dirty. One’s heels were somewhat cracked.

BOTH were wearing “capri” style pants that ended at the calves, and showed off their lovely calves to full advantages.

And both, I suspect saw me staring at their feet and giggled, and it was all I could to a) hide my boner in public at that point and b) stop myself from literally dropping down and kissing their feet and saying thank you for just showing up!

Another time, I recall seeing a heavily overweight and pregnant lady ordering something on the phone – or perhaps talking to someone – I’m not quite sure.

And though you’d think this scene would NOT be a turn on, those large feet of hers, pedicured oh-so-perfectly with the toes GLEAMING red were as much as a turn on for me as boobs are to you guys into them!

I’d gladly prostrate myself at her feet and kiss them for hours – as I would some of the household’s help feet (that I’ve seen on my trips to India – – and that, in part inspired some of my books on Indian femdom – specifically the Indian Goddess series!).

Virtually ANY lady can be a Goddess – a superior being to be worshiped at the highest levels possible – as it should be – for those with a foot fetish.

And that, my dear readers is so worth it to me – and to me is the best part of even having a foot fetish in the first place.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


Mike Watson

P.S. – And if you’re STILL struggling to find the Dominant lady of your dreams, well, then my manual in that regard is a must read (and assimilate at that). Grab it right here –

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