Bootboy Paradise

Dear Reader,

Though I’ve often maintained that summer is my favorite season – not because I don’t like cold weather too much – but because I get to see female FEET in all their glory – pedicured, polished, well maintained and in various forms of footwear – all equally alluring.

And of course – the shorts – and the legs – and the wickedly “naughty” look a lot of ladies get in their eyes (or have naturally) when they sense a submissive vibe (or man)!

Ah, that look in the eye – I could and have written tomes on it, hehe.

Winter, of course is the opposite. Everything covered up, and folks bundled up, and yet there is ONE aspect of winter that I find immensely alluring in terms of fetish.

And that being, of course, female boots – and the various “scenes” that pop up in my mind almost as soon as I see a lady wearing boots – of any nature!

Way, way back in the day I was around 13 years old and in school – and a girl in my class (I believe her name was “Shikha” – I wrote about this before) suddenly “commanded” me to drop down and “clean her shoes”.

Clean my shoes, boy! 

And though we were both the same age – and it wasn’t quite as sexy, of course, as young Chinese ladies ordering me to do the same (with me being about twice their age in some cases! ;)) – it was still completely unexpected – and the way she stared directly at me, and that WICKED, KNOWING glance she gave me … man oh man, that was instant hard on time for me.

She even extended one lovely leg out – clad in a black school shoe (she was wearing a skirt) – and her friend, a slim Chinese lady (or of Chinese origin, at any rate) giggled away beside her as she almost pointed to her own foot as well!

The first thought that popped into my mind thereafter was not one of just cleaning her boots – but cleaning them with my white school shirt – and wearing the same shirt afterwards! 

Though I’m not a huge movie fan, and certainly not Asian movies, I’ve seen many a scene in Bollywood flicks where servants are forced to clean their “masters” (either male or female) shoes – and footwear – in a most humiliating and debasing manner – and often times, with their CLOTHES.

And though the fact that this happens in a country that is supposedly aiming towards “modern” status – and happens in the middle classes as well (though people don’t talk about it) – and though it shouldn’t happen by all yardsticks – here is the thing – it is indeed an incredibly SEXY thing to have happen in a fetish “consensual” scenario! 

For instance, I was talking to a lovely Chinese lady the other day, and she sent me a few pictures of herself – clad in jeans and boots, and that knowing look in the eye as well – and the first thoughts in my mind were to drop down, kiss her boots – and polish them – with my clothes!

Or perhaps do it while she lay down on the sofa, legs carelessly tossed up on my groin – unmindful (blissfully so!) of my “private parts” there in – and really speaking, that is how it should be. Those exist to be squished anyway!

And after polishing the first one dutifully, I’d hear her giggle, and throw the other one up as well.

The other one too, boy! Snicker, snicker. Tee hee! (and if it was Madam Carrie, she’d probably snap pics on her phone as well! ;)).

Anyway, just goes to show that a naughty mind – with IMAGINATION – can transform even the most bleakest of periods (outdoors) into a “spicy and erotic” setting – the sky, quite literally, is the limit!

That’s one thing – and of course, this post is also an ode to the sheer sexiness that boots of all sizes, shapes and natures exude – – there’s something EVER so haughty about boots worn the right way – and if you’ve ever worshipped a lady wearing boots – you know what I mean!

Ok, so thats it for today. A brief, but most enjoyable interlude from my regular “foot” related posts – – but hey, its all good – and I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Polishing her boots – and her footwear in general is a great, great way to keep her amused – and also subconsciously initiate the “spark” within her to humiliate you more – and more – and MORE – until it literally becomes second nature – which should be the goal anyway! And there’s plenty of more debasing ways to do it right here – –

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