We go bang bang all night long…


I can proudly say one thing, my friend!

(remember that rap song? “We go bang bang all night long” …)

But I can proudly say, I’ve never gone bang bang all night long!


Probably never will too!

(well, I’ve done it SOMETIMES. And the girl when I did it – I still remember my last SO in India waking up “eyes glazed”. You can look at her photo the next morning, you can tell she’s been banged rightly and properly.

Thank a lot of whiskey and good food for that, and for once, my alpha male side emerged. LOL. And the lovely cock I write about so often!)

But, despite those “occasional” instances to show what I CAN do?

I’ve never banged any woman all night long, or even an hour!

I’d rather just cum instantly, and have her laugh at me for being so pathetic, and then press her feet all night long!

So nice, she rests comfortably, NO expectation of sex – just like with Ann – and I press her legs and feet all night!

Wake her up in the morning with tea, like Madam Anne!

(brought on a TRAY, boy!)

But anyway …

I remember a friend Jay in college once telling me about “noises not letting him sleep at night”.

Apparently some black dude – or actually, white chick upstair s- had brought home a black dude.

And of course, that long cock pounding in and out!



I’d love to suck on it NOW …

But, bang bang bang?

It feels even better when someone is doing it to YOU, my friend.

Trust me on this.

THAT bang bang has happened to me many a times, on my stomach, relaxed like nothing I’ve ever felt, and my ass being literally PLOWED by massive COCKS!

After , of course, I begged for it. Hehe. His cock is such a treasure, I gotta beg for it!

I know, I know.

A 6’3″ black stud once told me the following.

“Mike, I’m black, but gosh, you’re making me blush RED with everything you’re saying!” 

He even sent me a dick pic!

Thank you, SIR!

But he did it so well, perfect shots of his asshole too!

But anyway ……….

THAT is the sort of bang bang I’d prefer – unless, of course, the whiskey take over, hehe.

And to learn how to experience sheer BLISS and pleasure like never before – studs and sissies – BOTH OF YOU! – go HERE.


Mike Watson

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