“If you can’t satisfy me in bed”

Dear Reader,

A year or ago, I met a lady online named “Su” or “Madam Su”, as I’ve referenced her in the Sophia Bai series (and YES, there is a GOOD reason for calling her “Ma’am!).

As with most of the other ladies I seem to meet regularly, I wasn’t “looking to meet” her – or anyone, for that matter, at that time. She simply popped up on my Wechat while I was returning from my (then) job in a cab and we started to chat.

After the initial prelims, we got down to “business” as it were, and started talking sex.

Turns out this lady was one of the growing  lot that had sex a LOT with other men – and wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

“I’m not a slut though! I do enjoy sex – but only if the guy turns me on”

This, of course, would have been enough for most “vanilla” (or should I say “straitlaced”) folks out there to term her a slut – despite the fact that guys don’t get near as much flak as women do (yes, even today!) for sleeping around.

Anyway – while I was mildly attracted to this girl when she first spoke to me, THIS was really when I felt that “tinge of excitement” build, and my cock twitched just that little bit.

My male readership (and likely the ladies as well) know what I mean by that last bit. When she says something without “thinking about it before”, and it turns out to be just the right thing … 😉

We then discussed polyandry (for her) at length.

“I don’t want more than one man, to be honest. But if you can’t satisfy me in bed …” and she trailed off right there leaving me hanging (with a giant hard on).

“I think you enjoy sex, and that’s good! I don’t mind you with other men … but … what about me?”

“You can’t!” The response was instantaneous this time around, and there was NO hesitation in her voice either.

The conversation continued – and as it went on two things were apparent.

One, my submissive side, which I explained clearly to her, and which she was willing to explore.

“You can come and clean my house for me, and then massage my legs while I watch a movie. I’m very messy! I need someone to clean for me”.

And then as an afterthought – “You can wash my clothes as well. Just be sure not to damage them!”

(all these are real quotes, by the way – I’m quoting verbatim).

Two, and more importantly, she was intrigued by the fact that her being with other men was actually OK with me. Though she enjoyed sex (no doubt about that!) her preference (at least as far as she was saying) was “only with me” (caveat being I should be able to “satisfy” her).

And THIS is the main reason I’m bringing all this up, my dear reader.

To her, it was more about commitment issues than anything else. Her thoughts were these “I’m looking for the right man – that won’t mind me enjoying other men – but if he doesn’t really care for me – and says he doesn’t mind me with other men – wouldn’t HE leave me as well?”

That was one part of it.

The other part?

Well, emotional. I don’t know about Su, but a LOT of ladies find it very hard to seperate the “sexual” part of all this from the “love part” of it.

So if you’re with your S.O., and she (or he) is not open to having sex with others (no matter how much it might turn either one of you on) – the emotional “hold backs” are probably one of the main reasons.

“I love him (or her). How can I … ”

Seperating emotions from the sexual side of this can be extremely tricky, my friend. I’ve done it before – but it’s a minefield to be honest, and even Madam Su – with her lovely long hair that weaved a trance around me even before those long legs did – wasn’t immune to the negative effects of it (to a degree).

I’ll post more about her later, but for now – the above is food for thought for those of you that ARE in relationships where the “fetish” side isn’t being addressed.

And if you’re truly in need of professional help to resolve certain issues – well – shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do. That’s precisely why I created the kink therapy page – because a LOT of folks could do with some help in this regard.

Ok – that’s it for now. A rather longish post, but hey, it’s Madam Su. She deserves it! 😉


Mike Watson

P.S. – Though the cuckolding story in Sophia Bai – the Sequel was indeed fantasy mixed in with reality – the REALITY of it all isn’t as far off as you might imagine in Madam Su’s case. Anyway – more on this later!

P.S. #2 – Sophia Bai is deviant … Sophia Bai is cruel … Sophia Bai is commanding …    … Indeed!!

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