“Fluff him well, boy!”

Dear Reader,

So yesterday’s email was about sissy rule NUMERO UNO – that being to be the perfect wife for her (but note – she gets to revert back to being the “woman” as and when she pleases!!) – and today’ post is about something that ties in perfectly well with that.

That being … but wait. I suspect you already KNOW what I mean, hehe.

I wrote an email (a pretty long one, pun intended!) a few days about his lovely white cock, and that experience was TRUE.

I wrote about “what I would have done differently”.

And while both those instances didn’t have an actual woman present in them, my feminine side was screaming to come out – so much so that I even pressed his feet as he slept, unawares of it (the second time) – – and contemplated putting on lipstick to give him a better blowjob, and make the “scene” all the more interesting.

I once asked him if he liked reciprocating, and while he did on occasion, he preferred “receiving” more – and that was all the more better for me!

In Garima Madam’s bitch, you’ll read about how Garima (Madam, boy!) used to taunt me with not just stories of her lovers – but also their dicks – which I’d regularly suck and “worship”.

And one of those dicks was Master Jerome’s dick – a tall black man that used to take her on a regular basis – and sleep over after that too, while I used to be down at their feet, looking at their legs intertwined, and Garima’s soft, pedicured feet (that I knew so well!) along with his broad, manly black soles, legs spread about wide, his beautiful cock resting after its exertions on his large gigantic balls, as my “wife” slept comfortably in his arms, snoring LOUDLY …

I could write tomes on this, of course – and I have in the “prologue” to the book, but here is the thing.

Part about being the perfect wife, as I mentioned yesterday is not just to serve her as your “husband” – but also to make sure she is fully satisfied sexually – in ALL regards!

Even dominant ladies need to be “filled” (as I wrote about a day or so ago, my friend ) and as Alexa so adroitly put it, “why not with a living dick as opposed to a lifeless dildo”?

And of course, part of your task, sissy, is to FLUFF that dick – and get to know it even better than your own – which should be locked up, shriveled anyway – the only “action” it seems is either when your sitting down to pee – or releasing that nasty “waste” out of your body while being milked if you get my drift, hehe.

Other than Jerome’s large feet, I still remember that thick curved cock, and the large balls, always dangling invitingly enough, even after a long sex session.

He’d often shoot his load on my face, while they both laughed at me.

Sometimes, Madam would make me take his cum in my mouth and hold it there for a while before spitting it out – carefully (don’t waste a drop, sissy!) .. and putting it into a cup.

What we did with that cup is beyond the scope of this email, but what IS within scope is the fluffing – and I’d suck him so often that I can still see the large,glistening cockhead right there in front of me, as my red (painted red) lips wrapped invitingly around them, just the way HE liked.

“Fluff him well, boy! Fluff like he DESERVES – and likes!”

Those words still ring out in my ears as they did all those years ago – and they should for you too – if you’re a real sissy – which a lot of you reading this email are!

Or want to be, hehe – and if you haven’t been able to get your lady into this as yet – or if you yourself aren’t quite sure how to go about it – well fear NOT, my friend. That is exactly why I came out with Sissy Central – – to teach you how to become the perfect sissy – and her on how to enjoy your transition more than she ever has!

And that, my friend, is that for now. I’m off to fetch Princess some wine – and I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Cuckolding is obviously an integral progression for a true sissy, and Cuck Central contains  a lot on the topic above as well, except it’s “couched” (pun intended!) in language different than what I’ve mentioned above. It is yet another must grab – do so right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/ (no surprise it follows “Sissy Central” in the drop down, hehe).

P.S #2 – Almost forgot to mention, the one thing Garima Madam did NOT do was to dress me up too often (she did sometimes, but usually not). She did plenty more though – and so did all the other lovely Indian ladies I’ve written about. Catch a sneak peek right here – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/indian-femdom/


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