Safe, sane and consensual …

Dear Reader,

I woke up this morning to a message on my Twitter account from a person I’ve been communicating with over the past few days.
This person is about to enter into a new sort of femdom relationship with his Goddess – – one in which he’ll be locked up.
Locked up, a.ka. chastity – and though that isn’t something that scares me at all (hell, I’d LOVE to be locked up currently!) – – he’s new to it, and naturally has some fears and apprehensions regarding this new experience.
We spoke up via DM on Twitter back and forth, and I hope our communications helped him some – if nothing, it’s always good to get concerns, fears etc off your chest with one that has been there and done that– and as Mike Watson readers KNOW – that’s me to a T in many regards.
But the most important part of all this, and why I’m telling you all this  is THIS – he mentioned he felt safe with her – and that she’s “the one” for him right now.
He’s got a storied past in terms of relationships, but this one seems to be chugging along on all cylinders on the RIGHT path – – and that’s the key right there, along with what I said above.
“Feeling safe” is the reason most women are attracted to men to begin with, be it in a vanilla setting or non-vanilla. I don’t think you’ll ever find a lady anywhere in the world participating in any sort of adult (or even vanilla) activity with a man she doesn’t feel safe with and with someone she doesnt feel good about.
That’s just the way it is, my friend – and THAT is one prime reason I constantly advise folks (mostly guys, to be honest) to NOT start off with BDSM etc the first time they meet a woman, be it online or in person.
Start off light. Make her feel comfortable. Work up to it. And so forth …
These, and other tips are mentioned in my manual I wrote specifically for those looking to find the dominant lady of their dreams but haven’t been able to. You can take a look at it right HERE – –
And remember too that “feeling safe” goes both ways. I’ve personally never done anything with anyone I don’t feel comfortable with. Men, at the end of the day are just as emotional as women are.
We’re ALL human – and human beings function first on emotion and then logic. Be it Sophia Bai, or Empress Cody, or even a lovely “Carol” that I haven’t written about as yet – – it ALL started with that spark – that emotion.
So to recap – – be human. Be yourself – -and make her feel safe with you.
It’ll lead you to places you never ever imagined you could go!
Mike Watson
P.S. – As I’ve noted in the past, China has been a place of which I have many fond memories, and with good reason. I’ve written extensively about my experiences there as well. As I love to say – – fantasy blended in with reality – – or reality mixed in with the right dose of creative license. Here is where you can peruse my Chinese femdom collection – –
P.S #2 – For those that prefer to read these in Kindle format, Amazon is your one stop store for everything I’ve written – – and the Watson bibliography is right HERE – –

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