The SISSY subscription

Lifetime (as long as your membership remains valid) to all Sissy products outlined above (and more as we add ’em) forever. Truly a value grab – get it NOW!

What you’ll get –

  • Lifetime DIGITAL access to all Sissy Products (so long as your membership stays active and valid). 
  • Sissy advice from yours truly i.e. counseling that is normally paid for – but you’ll get a lot of that advice, including, but not limited to – how to include sissy fantasies into your life – how to broach it with your partner in a manner thats not a turn off – how to do it safely, sanely, and SMARTLY – and more!
  • Discount on paperbacks if you order any (this will be added into the membership for a seperate fee at a later date). 
  • Invitations only access to a special sissy community being built here as we speak – by and in as of itself, worth its weight in gold … 

And much more – get this now, SISSIES!




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