The sheer INTOXICATING POWER her SOLE(S) – and his (long and sexy) DONG have!

Maybe “they” as Madam Pearl would so often say, dont realize it. Hehe.

She sure did!

“Do you like BDSM”, I still hear her giggling!

So – nice!

But anyway, yours truly is like everyone else – except female domination in all its shapes, forms and guises is so integrated into my daily vanilla life that it’s almost like breathing air.

I seem to attract dominant females everywhere I go.

And my wife seems to turn MORE and more dominating daily, and BITCHIER!

“Wash the dishes, boy!” she hollers while lazily sprawled on the bed.

I start to argue (I wasn’t supposed to at that time).

Then I catch a glimpse of him.

ONE – sole

The sole at right angles, bare sole STARING at me, cracked heels, the bottom of the toes SHOUTING “massage, we’re HOT!” at me!

And instantly, I melt!

It doesnt matter what the case is – what the issue is – how unreasonable she is – I see Madam’s soles, and I MELT instantly, all arguments end!

It ALL starts with her feet – specifically, her soles.

Not the toes, not the ass, not the asshole, her soles, literally the lowest and grimiest part of her lovely BODY!

And her attitude, of course, but still – those soles play a HUGE part in making me DROP down and BEG like the pathetic wimp I am!

It all ends, of course, with PENIS.

Her lover’s sexy penis!

Dani Ma’am responded No, and No, to the question I asked her yesterday which I thought she would!

For reasons I’ve outlined so many times I wont again (read the site or my books if you want to know why).

But penis – is so SEXY!

(Dani was right by the way!)

Every time I see her lovers PENIS – that long, sexy DONG – with the HEAD, oh my – it makes me want to forget all – and drop down and suckie- or worship any which way!

Penis makes me so submissive – the nice ones -and soles – both male and female!


I’m not into men emotionally, romantically, but see a penis – a nice one – and instantly I turn into the best cock sucker ever.

And thats the reason Dani answered no and no, but back to soles and penis.

I often marvel at the sheer power they hold over us cucks , faggots and sissies, and its really so NICE, so much fun!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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