Owned by Madam Aa Ling

An I.T. professional is struck by “lean times” and moves to Southern China where he meets the gorgeous, and oh-so-dominant from the word GO “Aa Ling” at a local “bordello” (brothel). He quickly learns that HIS desires don’t count – and he quickly also learns the meaning of what I keep saying so often about true femdom NOT being about looks – or “body type” – or any external “nuances”. A lady of the night can dominate you – – and keep you in hand – – as she DESERVES – – just as any other lady can – – and this book is living “proof” of that fact!

This book is probably, amongst the many others – one of the “creme la creme” writing by the Real Mc Coy of Femdom – and the reviews back up that fact! 

This should be a book EVERY serious femdom enthusiast should not only buy, and have on their femdom bookshelf- but keep the lessons learnt very, very close to their heart. (one prime one being, that “downtrodden” women – due to no fault of theirs – deserve MORE worship, and it is an even MORE of an honor to adminster the same to them, as I did to Madam Aa Ling, that lovely “lady of the night” …)

You dont pay her to “do what you want”. She does it IF she wants, and takes your money too, and thats how it should be!

Enjoy the true tale – as much as the author enjoyed bringing it to you! Maybe someday Aa Chie will learn English and read this too, hehe. (and her mom!).

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