The SECRET To sissy dong staying hard – forever!

Note this is about sissies and their dongs, hehe – small or big (some actually have rather luscious thick dongs, which I so love, makes me even more submissive, these lovely LADIES!).

I so love “trans”. And coming out.

Proof –

I haven’t posted my dong on here though as yet – but here is a great, great description!

(but aren’t my lips so smooth, RED, soft and sexy??)

The type of cock nigh EVERYONE, dominant or submissive or NOT LUSTS OVER – those cocks that send us into PAROXYMS OF UTTER LUST AND DEVOTION, but the cocks that are never talked about or SHOWN!

Anyway, enough on that!

This damn post disappeared while writing it – so sad, lets try it again – while keeping what I want to say above in mind!

We all know sissy cocks dont stay hard during sex, or for it. Hell, we dont even want it, most of us, and those that do – well, limpie!


And we all know some of us stay SUPER hard during blowjobs, others not – but some “spasm” suddenly from soft to hard during blowjobs and really release a mammoth load as described here!

Sissies are too much trouble, we need our nipples played with all the time – utter BLISS!

(That book above, as a reader from Germany wrote in – is “worth its weight in GOLD”. HEhe. He’s right, so get it NOW if you ain’t already!)

Nipples, yes, feet – and soles – yes!

Humiliation – yes!

No matter how many sissygasms you’ve had, and I had SO many the other day – I blasted loads and loads in pant – WITHOUT touching – thats right, NOT even nipples! as I described here (megan loved that confession!)  ……….. no matter how many regular orgasms, ruined, or nipplegasms – the above gets you hard – or the RUSH of blood to the loins – LUST – anyway!

I should know.

Really, the humiliation.

You know what REALLY did it for me the other day – along with not cumming in forever!

This ONE statement, along with her making me so pretty in HER makeup – I stand by her with her makeup kit for hours while she gets ready – true love as I’ve been told once when I was watching my ex get waxed, polished, manicured, pedicured, when most guys would run for the HILLS, hehe ……………….

“You should flirt with him!”

I knew it from the minute she asked me to send her his dick, and of course “Did yo uflirt with him?” 

(she didnt like his dick. Pity!)

MADAM, OH MY! FLIRT WITH  HIM – if there is one thing sissies like being told better I’m yet to hear it.


WHAT A RUSH, thank yo SO MUCH, Megan Ma’am! You are SO NICE!

But the one thing OTHER than that, and even more powerful?


Lovely DONGS!

Feet, yes, humiliation – yes – soles – of course, nipples, the lot – but DONGS are the culmination of it all for us sissies!

Don’t believe me?

(i know you do, hehe).

(just think COCK, you will!)

Look at this – pictures speak a thousand words, and videos a bazillion occasionally!

Look at how the sissy, and she’s so beautiful for one, I was going to tell Madam Megan this

“Madam, I’m SO JEALOUS, she is so much prettier than me (though Megan wouldnt think so, she thinks I’m the prettiest, but she owns me, I’m her sissy – she is a proud owner if nothing else!!) …”

REal reason for being jealous. she’s got that lovely DONG in front of her!

Oh my!

Look at the smooth dick, the way it curves up slightly, Master, thank you SO MUCH!

If you were here, I’d be sucking, slobbing, I can taste the smooth skin as I write this.

I so wish I could keep his lovely BALLS in my mouth so she didnt have to touch them with fingers, though her soft fingers do add an extra dimension, I agree!

Look at him deep throating, staying hard without other help.

Feels so super awesome!

I’ve experienced it from both – all ends – hehe. All sides too! And I’ve been top and bottom too, so I KNOW!

I can feel gagging on his COCKHEAD, so lovely, look at the SLANT of Master’s pubes!

Look at how sissy gags and SLOBS – and salivates, saliva dripping off, so NICE!

But most of all?

Her dong!

It stays hard THROGHOUT – THAT is key!

With NO nipple play, nothing, just the dong in front of her she’s servicing doing the trick!

Weaving and bobbing up and down, lovely, a life of it’s own aint it??

And I know the feeling SO Well!

While sucking Jeremy’s dong, after cumming with barely even touching myself, just looking at his dick once again was enough to get me hard, and I was drunk.

Same with this lovely pink dong I so slobbed on in a motel room, sissy style.

And all the rest.

There is a reason I mention the following on the now world famous course “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots“.

Feet and cock, boy – feet and COCK!

Cock – dong – truly takes everything and mixes it in x 10.

Dong is truly the culmination of utter faggoty sissy submissive LUST for any sissy!

I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

Anyway, I’m off to goon a bit more.

I’ll see y’all soon!


Mike Watson

PS – there is a reason that Sissy Central and Cuck CEntral are steaming hot bestsellers, #1 and #2 in that order, and if you, the sissy or cuck or both have NOT yet got the book, you’re a fool, plain and simple, period. Get it NOW.

PS #2 – Any true writer will know how ANNOYING it when your post, written in the FLOW – disappears. UGh! This one did … nothing I did would get it back – but any true writer, and anyone that knows the meaning of the word PASSION will know what it means to replicate that post ditto with no preparation, writing on paper, nothing, the words just flow out and back as if nothing ever happened!

Thats what you call true passion. It is also why I do this!

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